2017 Alfa Romeo Executive Fastback Saloon, Elegant Car and Strange Design

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Loading...The 2017 Alfa Romeo Executive Fastback Saloon is a concept car designed by Jacob McMurry, a graduate of Art Center College of Design. The design of this elegant vehicle is inspired from the Carnival of Venice and if you’ve been there, you know what we mean.


The vehicle’s roof is made entirely out of smart glass panels, that have the ability to turn completely transparent or opaque. The car benefits from a diesel V8 engine that sends the power to the rear wheels, or an optional biodiesel engine.

This Alfa Romeo concept car, which has been designed before the Fiat/Chrysler partnership, inspires comfort, luxury and elegance. Also, thanks to its boat-like tail end, it could well be compared to a small yacht, although in the end it’s only a car…an interesting one, to say the least.





[via Yanko Design]

Ferrari Aurea, a 360 Modena Successor Created by DGF Design

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Loading...The beautiful Aurea concept was created by DGF Design in 2005 and aims to combine F1 tech with standard road car gear. We’re dealing with a hot supercar that reaches 60 mph in 3.9 sec thanks to its V8 engine and 501 hp.


Aurea can reach a top speed of 325 km/h and its displacement is 3998 cc, as for the dimensions, they look something like this:

Length: 4476 mm
Width: 1968 mm
Height: 1150 mm
Weight: 1250 kg

Here’s a neat video showing some slides and close-ups of the car and more pics after the break:

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[via Diseno-Art]

Ferrari F460 Tifosi, a V8 Concept Supercar of 2008

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Loading...We’ve had our share of , too many actually, so it’s time to go Italian for a while and check out this Ferrari F460 beauty. The Tifosi is a concept supercar created by Atilla Tay and the wannabe successor of the Ferrari F430.


There’s a powerful V8 mid-mounted engine at the core of this automobile, a 4.6 litre one to be more precise. Keeping the style of the F430, you’ll be able to see the engine of the F460 through a glass window, as for the design of this supercar, it seems to follow the shape of… DNA, believe it or not!

The Tifosi (Italian word for “fan”) is all about flowing lines and a matt black colour that gets the aggressive look going. Will this now scale model ever make it to the streets?



[via diseno-art]