Peugeot Loop is a Green Concept Car With Touchscreen Windows

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Loading...In case the title seemed misleading, this is an automobile we’re talking about, a designed by Abhinav Dapke, bearing the name Loop. The vehicle is environmentally-friendly and it uses a solar panel, which is one of the power sources for the automobile, aside from a Lithium battery.


This battery is placed at the rear of the Peugeot Loop and it’s a rechargeable unit. Those touchscreen windows I mentioned in the title are present too and I’m sorry if you thought that I was talking about the operating system.

Back to the windows, they embed a concept camera that can take photos of the surrounding environment, in case you like what you see and touch them, triggering the snapshot.



[via Yanko Design]

Peugeot Seed, a Green Electric Car that Uses Cameras

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Loading...Seems that most of the Peugeot concept cars I’ve seen lately are eco-friendly, since they use electricity and are powered by solar panels. The Peugeot Seed is no exception, but its most interesting feature is the fact that it doesn’t incorporate windows, but uses cameras to show the driver what’s going on around the car.


The vehicle was designed by Andrew Kim and the Seed is wrapped with one big LCD display, like some other concept we’ve seen a while back. Must say I’m not a huge fan of the shape of this automobile, but hey, beautiful isn’t always useful, right?


[via Tuvie]