Peugeot 888 Concept Car is Eco Friendly and Easy to Park

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Loading...The fifth annual Design Contest is a time of joy for the folks who dig futuristic designs and hot concepts. This time we’re checking out the Peugeot 888, created by Oskar Johansen, a two seat automobile powered by solar energy and shape-shifting.


This vehicle switches between a suburban and city mode, by using a hydraulic tilting system and lifting the car (city mode) or lowering it in order to increase the speed (suburban mode).

Each wheel of the Peugeot 888 uses an independent electric motor, based on Li-ion batteries, but you shouldn’t forget the solar energy, harnessed with the aid of photovoltaic cells.



[via Dvice]

Peugeot MoVille Concept, Very Much Like Eve From Wall-E

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Loading...Seen Pixar’s Wall-E? Well, than you must’ve liked the Eve character, but not as much as Woo-Ram Lee did, the designer of the MoVille concept. You have to admit that the cartoon character and this vehicle have quite a few things in common, specially the cute rounded shape.


The MoVille was designed as an entry in a Peugeot design competition and we might just see it go full scale some day, specially if it wins. This automobile is also “green”, as it uses electric propulsion and solar energy, plus it features an auto-pilot mode and it can be driven with the aid of a cellphone.

Add a retractable dashboard with drive-by wireless and dual-sliding window doors to the package and we’ve got a teardrop-shaped vehicle of the future on our hands. Now, can it say “Waall-E”?



[via Jalopnik]

Peugeot One Concept Car is Green and Stable

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Loading...Peugeot One is a “green” concept car, designed by Omar Ivan Huerta Cardoso and it aims to change the way people see automobiles in relation with the environment. The vehicle accumulates solar energy with the aid of its windshield, imitating the Photosynthesis process and going easy on Mother Nature, by not releasing dangerous substances in the air.


This concept car is a single-seater, an urban vehicle that uses a Gyroscope system to generate stability and a pretty nifty suspension system that handles a sudden stop quite well, by cushioning the body of the car.

I have to say that this is quite a long automobile that will be a real pain to park, unless it comes with a foldable mechanism, like the BRB concept car.


[via Ecofriend]