Citroen GT Concept Supercar is Visually Astonishing

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Loading...The Paris Motor Show 2008 has just started a couple of days ago and we’re already drooling at the many concept cars showed in the capital of France. Among them, the most impressive is surely Citroen GT, the star of the videogame Gran Turismo 5, for the PlayStation 3.

Seems that this playable virtual automobile was turned into a real one, with a huge rear-end, so it stays on your retina long enough to make it your “mental wallpaper”.


Following Mazda’s Nagare design movement, this supercar weighs 3000 pounds and it’s a two seater that can get from 0 to 62 mph in 3.6 seconds. Underneath the hood you’ll find a 646 horse power engine plus another 136 more hp provided by the power of hydrogen.

Inside the Citroen GT, the driver finds a head-up display that shows driving info (speed, navigation data) by using red LEDs and projecting data on the windscreen.





[via Yanko Design and Autoblog]

Citroen Concept Designed For Gran Turismo and Ready for the 2008 Paris Motor Show

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Loading...I’m quite a big fan of the Gran Turismo series, so an extra in-game car can only make one happy these day. Specially if it’s a neat Citroen concept, that will see the light of day at the 2008 Paris Motor Show coming. Turns out that Citroen and Polyphony Digital have worked together on an exclusive automobile for Gran Turismo Prologue.

What you can see below are just teasers, but hopefully, we’ll get better pics of the concept Citroen soon.



[via Jalopnik]