BMW Africa, “Decompose” Concept Car of 2015

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Loading...Yesterday we’ve shown you the BMW ZX-6 concept car, designed by the folks of Istituto Europeo di Design of Turin as part of a challenge launched by BMW. Now, the same challenge reveals another great concept, the BMW Africa, designed by Raphael Laurent and Mihai Panaitescu.


The vehicle is inspired by the African lifestyle and culture and it can “deconstruct” itself in order to satisfy the owner’s daily needs. That surely sounds like Transformers action to me, but there’s got to be more symbolism to this baby than meets the eye.

We remind you that the 8 final models of the BMW challenge will be displayed at the Turin Design Institute till the end of September 2008 at a 1:4 scale.



[via Carbodydesign]

Peugeot Flux Comes With Xbox and Green Attitude

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Loading...It’s not often that we get to see a hydrogen engine car with an Xbox inside, in fact it’s not often at all. However, the Peugeot Flux, designed by Mihai Panaitescu is one such vehicle, but the positive features don’t end here. This Peugeot is quite compact with a width of 1650 mm and a 3500 mm length, but its look is still appealing as you can see for yourself.


The Flux is a dynamic car, as shown with the aid of the open cockpit and its shape, continuously passing from straight lines to curves while still using the Peugeot style. It might be worth mentioning that this ride features a plastic hood and body panels, aluminium mechanical parts plus metal chassis and head protection.


[via Yanko Design]