Mercedes Creates Special Concept Car for Gran Turismo 6

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Loading...We come back into action with a concept from Mercedes-Benz AMG, that was created to exist in a virtual world. This vehicle was modeled for Gran Turismo 6, the latest iteration in the famous series of PlayStation racing simulators.

Mercedes Benz Vision Gran Turismo concept 1

This Mercedes Vision Gran Turismo concept, as it’s called is basically a redone SLS AMG, that integrates elements from the past and also from the future. It even borrows from the Benz 1930s racers and the 300SL model that inspired the supercar you see here. The supercar is elongated, glossy and adopts flared wheel arches.

This Batmobile meets Aston Martin meets Buggati of the future has no rear window, but what it does have are two fuel fillers on the roof. There are LEDs surrounding the grilled and a sculpted back area. Vision GT doesn’t go the eco friendly way, instead using a twin turbo V8, that outputs 577 horsepower. This is a 3000 pound monster that we’ll love to drive on the PS4 and only on it for now…


Mercedes Benz Cyborg Sensation Vehicle, Mind-Controlled Supercar of the Year 2040

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Loading...The Mercedes Benz Cyborg Sensation Vehicle, or C.S.V., is a concept car imagined by Chinese designer Derek Chik Kin Ng. The C.S.V. is an off-road capable, two-seater supercar, inspired from the Mercedes F400 concept, designed back in 2001.


The interesting part about this Mercedes Benz concept is that it has no steering wheel, no pedals, but this vehicle can be controlled with the power of mind instead. It uses a system named Brain Computer Interface (BCI), which creates a connection between the car and its driver, through a specially-designed helmet.

This way, the driver’s brain impulses are gathered by the helmet and transferred to the car, which responds appropriately. Although this principle may sound plausible in the future, its implementation on cars, could prove to be quite a difficult task.






[via Yanko Design]

Mercedes Benz Silverflow, Uber-Supercar of the Remote Future

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Loading...Fancy a car made out of liquid metal? How about a Mercedes Benz branded one? Revealed at the LA Auto Show Design Challenge a while back, the Mercedes Benz Silverflow is a real mystery if you’re trying to guess what’s on the hood. What’s important is its metal body, a shapeshifting one.



That’s right, as its designers said, there’s going to be a “flood” of cheap carbon fibre in the 2020s so the alternative must be… new metal. No, not the music, the liquid metal you saw back in Terminator 2. So, we’ll be able to choose the shape of our car, as we ride. How cool is that?


[via Tuvie]