Mazda Auto Adapt Render Takes Part in the LA Auto Show Design Challenge 2013

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Loading...The Mazda Auto Adapt is supposed to be a supercar of 2025, a render taking part in the L.A. Auto Show Design Challenge. This model was created by a team made of Jacques Flynn, Tim Brown and Seung Joong Kim.

Mazda Auto adapt concept 1

The car’s inspiration comes from the way the insects have adapted over the long millennia. Mazda has created a concept supercar that can adapt from being autonomous to being used by a human driver. This is the vehicle of 2025 apparently and it’s a sort of sophisticated red Batmobile with big wings and a back area that seems fit for a trike rather than a car.

The tail of the vehicle feels like the end of a race boat and this is a sleek sportscar that is supposed to use the HEFEI system. This one is a Harmonious Eco Friendly Efficient Infrastructure, a system that promotes symbiosis of vehicles and infrastructure, with idle cars powering moving ones and automated traffic. Too sci fi or simply the future?

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Mazda Motonari RX Concept, Supercar of the Year 2050

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Loading...Mazda has great plans for the year 2050, or so we think, after having a look at the Mazda Motonari RX concept supercar. Say goodbye to metal vehicles and hello to artificial intelligence, lightweight cars and driver-car symbiosis. Mazda Motonari RX borrows its name from a legendary Japanese warrior, Mori Motonari.


The car interfaces with the driver and can be considered an extension of his body, some sort of futuristic luge, handled via armrest controls. These will input the acceleration and direction of the vehicle, that uses an exoskeletal shape-shifting frame, adapting to the driver’s preferences. This supercar is made out of carbon nanotube/shape memory alloy, with a photovoltaic coating on top.

Mazda Motonari RX’s 4 wheels are omnidirectional, so they’re given total freedom (360 degrees of movement), plus there’s also a “haptic skin”, a suit for the driver to get dressed in. Using this suit, he’ll receive electrical muscle stimulation thanks to the car’s AI, that’ll make the rider “feel” the road.






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Mazda Concept Crossover SUV Ready to Amaze Moscow

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Loading...Seems that we’ll be seeing a brand new compact crossover SUV at the Moscow Motor Show that starts late next month. The concept car you can check out in the sketches below uses the Nagare design language, but the vehicle doesn’t bare a name yet.


Since studies show that the SUVs are a hit in Russia (20% of the market), the new Mazda CUV will be designed for that Eastern market. This car can be considered a conceptual follow-up to the Ryuga, Hakaze, Taiki and Furai, all of them based on the Nagare design.



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