Nissan Motivity 400C Concept Car, by Tryi Yeh Relies on Magnetic Levitation

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Loading...Tryi Yeh’s incredible design has the potential of becoming the fastest vehicle on Earth, provided that it turns into a real “car”. Nissan Motivity 400C is a mere concept for now and you should know that it relies on the Maglev engine system, applied to each tire and making the vehicle float.


This hovercraft-like contraption comes with a triangle shape, in order to decrease drag, while the driver seat controls remain classic. In case Maglev doesn’t ring a bell, know that this concept uses the physical properties of magnetic fields generated by superconducting magnets, that can make objects float.

Also, it turns out that if you use the technology to its max potential and in an evacuated tunnel, you might even reach speeds up to 6,400 km/h. Of course, this is pure theory and one that applies to bullet trains on magnetic levitation tracks… We dare to dream, right?






[via Yanko Design]

Enigma Concept Supercar is a Bio-Electric Hybrid

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Loading...The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this concept car was that its rear end makes it look like an ant… Nature plays its part in this car’s design, but as a reason to use bio-electric hybrid technology to power the vehicle. No more internal combustion and all shiny looks for the Enigma, a created by Paul Howse.


Also, this concept automobile uses cameras and projections on the interior to get rid of the standard windscreen and prolong the bonnet over into the roof. While the car’s kept away hidden from those pesky hybrid thieves (??), it will be recharged with the aid of photo-voltaic solar panels. To me, it seemed strange, but it turns out that the interior is “suspended in magnetic levitation”… What do you make of this?

The final touch to the Enigma is a patination of material, like bronze, for example, in order to emphasize how precious and unique this supercar really is.




[via Tuvie]