Audi Exo Concept, Powered by Kinetic Energy

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Loading...Designer Andrea Mocellin seems to have a great idea for the future of the Audi brand, one that relies on the human-car symbiosis. The Audi Exo concept car uses an exoskeleton, nanotechnology and relies on “human power” to get around. The vehicle is inspired by sports equipment and footwear, as you can see for yourself in the images below:


Also, Audi Exo will be based on “human instinct” and use the owner’s kinetic energy as a power source. Too bad that Andrea didn’t detail this technology, although I have a feeling that the designer is not talking about raw power or pedals, but rather something more elaborate.

Power train will change in the future, that’s for sure, but will cars depend on our energy, instead of us depending on them?





[via Yanko Design]

Phoenix Concept Sportscar is an Alternative Energy Fountain

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Loading...Sergio Loureiro made my day with this concept, the Phoenix “Regeneration Passion”, which was his final project for the MA Vehicle Design Course at the Royal College of Art.


We’re dealing with an electric sportscar that’s based on alternate energy and its regeneration, by using kinetic watches, wind turbines, geothermic energy and even a … “sustainable dance floor” that absorbs the energy from the bouncing of the floor.

This baby can also turn, as it handles the curves as if it were a motorbike, well two bikes actually, plus a central kinetic axis (picture below).


The Phoenix is a concept two-seater that uses a front wind turbine to also generate a bit more energy, while slowing down. Even the suspension system generates energy with the aid of kinetic movement, so you’ll have plenty of electricity to toy with.

In the end, you’ll probably want to know that Sergio Loureiro created this beauty using “the wings of a bat ray” as an inspiration for the design.



[via Car Body Design]