Audi O Concept Car is Green and iPodish

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Loading...The Audi O concept is far more than meets the eye and you might as well call it “Audi-o”, as the vehicle’s main asset is the sound system. Ondrej Jirec is the designer of this beauty, using the classy and sexy Audi styling, with the grill placed between the headlights and all.


Check out those huge glass windows and glass top, giving the Audio O a fragile, but elegant look. I wonder if all that glass can withstand an uber-loud system and you might notice that in the trunk of the automobile there’s a sort of mini DJ mixing set, or a portable studio if you want.

The concept car also packs Bluetooth and Internet connectivity, a 650 GB HDD and it’s a green vehicle we’re talking about, saving the planet as you mix your tunes.



[via Tuvie]

Peugeot One Concept Car is Green and Stable

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Loading...Peugeot One is a “green” concept car, designed by Omar Ivan Huerta Cardoso and it aims to change the way people see automobiles in relation with the environment. The vehicle accumulates solar energy with the aid of its windshield, imitating the Photosynthesis process and going easy on Mother Nature, by not releasing dangerous substances in the air.


This concept car is a single-seater, an urban vehicle that uses a Gyroscope system to generate stability and a pretty nifty suspension system that handles a sudden stop quite well, by cushioning the body of the car.

I have to say that this is quite a long automobile that will be a real pain to park, unless it comes with a foldable mechanism, like the BRB concept car.


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Foldable BRB Evolution Concept Supercar is Also Green

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Loading...The BRB Evolution seems to be your average Batmobile-wannabe supercar, but with a twist: it “transforms” and folds so it can occupy less space. Its designer, Daniel Bailey did a great job as the look of the automobile is superb and you might want to know that he draws his inspiration from the Lamborghini Murcielago and Peugeot 908.


Aside from folding and fitting into small parking spaces, the BRB Evolution can also save the Earth, by being “green” and using an electric or hydrogen-based engine. Also, you shouldn’t forget a dog or your mate inside the car while it’s being folded as it will pretty much damage the person or pet. That’s right, no passengers while the car’s folding!



[via Jalopnik]