Volkswagen Aerrow Futuristic Vehicle Seems Pulled out of Wipeout

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Loading...The PlayStation game Wipeout has always featured futuristic vehicles, the kind of floating cars that will replace today’s racing supercars. Now we’ve got a similar monster from Andreas Blazunaj, a designer from Germany who imagined the Volkswagen Aerrow.

Volkswagen Aerrow concept 1

This futuristic supercar concept has an ultra light build and monocoque cabin construction. This vehicle is based more on aerodynamics and format, rather than a powerful engine. The designer bases the idea more on aerodynamic efficiency and creates a single track vehicle. Electric gyroscopes are installed on the Volkwsagen Aerrow to balance the automobile and prevent it from falling over.

Volkswagen Aerrow concept 3

There’s also the KERS system in the mix and in case you’re wondering, this is a single seat vehicle with an all wheel drive and a 2 wheel steer. The power source here is a TDI Hybrid motor. Its front area is 0.68 m2 and gets the best out of the drag coefficient. The designer also claims that the motor used here doesn’t have to be very powerful: in order to drive at 200 KM/h the Aerrow relies on 9.8 kW or 13.32 Hp, which is very efficient. The Volkswagen Golf would need 89 Hp for that!

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Audi A0 QS, Eco-Friendly Futuristic Sports Car

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Loading...Created by Russian designer Alexander Tiganova, the Audi A0 QS concept is an eco-friendly sports car, equipped with a hybrid drivetrain, consisting of an electric motor and a hydrogen engine.


Besides the dynamic look and the sport oriented style, this concept vehicle benefits from a special rotation system of the wheels, inspired by the trike, that allows the wheels to turn just by bending, without rotating along the vertical axis.

The “Q” in the concept car’s name stands for four-wheel drive and the “S” for support, according to the designer. This Audi concept car’s doors are made from a rubber fabric, that can turn transparent, depending on the driver’s needs. With a length of just 3.4 meters, this futuristic vehicle would have a great advantage when driving on busy urban roads, or when parking.






[via Auto Motto]

BMW Lovos Concept is Sharp, Looks Like it Could Sting

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Loading...Anne Forschner struck gold in all of us S.C.A.R.S videogame fans… If you remember the gaming title, it had cars like the one you can see below all over it and they were pitted against each other through races and more. Back to the design, The 24 year old Pforzheim University graduate created this beautiful BMW Lovos concept, a very unusual piece of machinery.


The supercar looks just like a porcupine and its name stands for “Lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity”. BMW Lovos is made out of a single fully exchangeable part that recurs 260 times and each of its exterior pieces features a solar photovoltaic cells, probably used to charge the futuristic vehicle.

These exterior pieces are connected via hinges to a substructure of the BMW concept car and they can follow the sun or be used as airbrakes. An electric BMW of the future with a very, very sharp design? Yes, sir!






[via Autoblog]

Nissan OneOne Futuristic Car is Also a Family Robot

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Loading...We continue the series of futuristic cars from the year 2050 with the Nissan OneOne concept, a blend between personal mobility and a family robot. This vehicle can also be considered the “ultimate pet” and you might want to know that its name is pronounced “wan-wan”, that stands for a dog’s barking in Japanese.


Nissan OneOne can function without a driver, picking your kid from school, using GPS, picking the dry cleaning, shopping and God knows what else. This concept car is based on a synthetic polymer muscle system, embedded in “legs” and the entire mechanism mimics the human skating on roller blades.

Also, we found out that the futuristic vehicle can change position, depending on the environment, so it’ll recline for better speed, stand up for better visibility and squeeze into tight areas.



[via pinktentacle]