Peugeot Coaster, a Futuristic Car that Puts Safety First

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Loading...The Peugeot Coaster futuristic concept car has been created by designer Kim Minchul. This vehicle offers an alternative for every day driving in the city, where everything is restricted, offering an entertaining ride for the driver.


The driver’s cabin has been projected to be separate from the passenger cabin, giving the driver the sensation of safety and allowing him to be completely focused during driving. With every move and turn, the Peugeot Coaster offers thrilling sensations thanks to its active rotating system, much like a ride from an amusement park.

This concept vehicle offers great mobility and a different way of freedom, which separates it from other means of transportation, giving a new value to driving, and making it fun and exciting, through its innovating system.






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Nissan OneOne Futuristic Car is Also a Family Robot

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Loading...We continue the series of futuristic cars from the year 2050 with the Nissan OneOne concept, a blend between personal mobility and a family robot. This vehicle can also be considered the “ultimate pet” and you might want to know that its name is pronounced “wan-wan”, that stands for a dog’s barking in Japanese.


Nissan OneOne can function without a driver, picking your kid from school, using GPS, picking the dry cleaning, shopping and God knows what else. This concept car is based on a synthetic polymer muscle system, embedded in “legs” and the entire mechanism mimics the human skating on roller blades.

Also, we found out that the futuristic vehicle can change position, depending on the environment, so it’ll recline for better speed, stand up for better visibility and squeeze into tight areas.



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Mazda Motonari RX Concept, Supercar of the Year 2050

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Loading...Mazda has great plans for the year 2050, or so we think, after having a look at the Mazda Motonari RX concept supercar. Say goodbye to metal vehicles and hello to artificial intelligence, lightweight cars and driver-car symbiosis. Mazda Motonari RX borrows its name from a legendary Japanese warrior, Mori Motonari.


The car interfaces with the driver and can be considered an extension of his body, some sort of futuristic luge, handled via armrest controls. These will input the acceleration and direction of the vehicle, that uses an exoskeletal shape-shifting frame, adapting to the driver’s preferences. This supercar is made out of carbon nanotube/shape memory alloy, with a photovoltaic coating on top.

Mazda Motonari RX’s 4 wheels are omnidirectional, so they’re given total freedom (360 degrees of movement), plus there’s also a “haptic skin”, a suit for the driver to get dressed in. Using this suit, he’ll receive electrical muscle stimulation thanks to the car’s AI, that’ll make the rider “feel” the road.






[via pinktentacle]