Ferrari Eternita 2025 Brings Back One of the Best Ferrari Designs Ever

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Loading...6 years ago we covered a concept called the Ferrari Eternity, the winner of the first prize of the Ferrari World Design Contest 2011. Now we found that design again, but instead of mockups made of plastic, we have detailed renders of a model now called Ferrari Eternita. So let’s see how the project has evolved! Continue reading “Ferrari Eternita 2025 Brings Back One of the Best Ferrari Designs Ever”

Ferrari Xezri Competizione Looks Ready to Win at Le Mans

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Loading...Here’s an atypical Ferrari concept, one that you would rather see Toyota or Audi designing. Samir Sadikhov created the Xezri series of renders as an entry in the 2011 Ferrari World Design Contest. He came in second and then he tweaked the design into the Xezri Competizione Edition.

Ferrari Xezri Competizione concept 1

We’re dealing with a mid engine super car with a lot of aerodynamic components added to the original concept. We get a larger front splitter, fender vents and a roof scoop. There’s also a bigger side skirt and a brand new spoiler at the back, as well as a large diffuser in the same area. By the way, the Ferrari Xezri was inspired by the Ferrari 458 Italia and as the designer calls it, he was “inspired by the wind”.

Ferrari Xezri Competizione concept 4

This is a name given to the wind pasing through the Eastern part of the Caspian Sea, so that’s the origin of the name. I have to admit that I’m happy to see the huge wings of the OG Xezri gone and replace with a more pragmatic design. I’m not sure about the extra added bodykit, particularly the lower side…

[via Samir Sadikhov]

Ferrari Zoubin New Render is a Single Seat Racing Supercar

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Loading...The creator of the Ferrari Zoubin supercar concept, Siamak Ruhi Dehkordi actually created an older vehicle that inspired this one. Originally, back in 2009, the Ferrari Zobin was a concept and now we get the Ferrari Zoubin.

Ferrari Zoubin concept 1

The two models are pretty similar, although the Zobin feels pretty evolved. We get a new front spoiler, that has been enlarged and it comes with an extra wing. As you can see the headlights have been well hidden and the nose of the supercar has extra air inlets. This is not your average road car, but rather a racing vehicle, as confirmed by its compact single seat format.

Ferrari Zoubin concept 3

The designer also mentions the power under the hood here: a V6 with 400 horsepower, mounted behind the cockpit. Yes, it’s a low power supercar, but it’s the design that’s cutting edge here. Notice the new canopy here on this Ferrari concept, with two separate sections and the back panel, that feels like a spaceship of sorts. Not sure about the glass opening for the pilot’s seat and how comfy that is to open…

[via diseno art]

Ferrari Imola Supercar, Wicked Sportscar Design by John Mark Vicente

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Loading...After the sublime Bugatti Renaissance concept, today we present another design by John Mark Vicente: the Ferrari Imola. This time, we don’t have a German, French or Franco-German car, but an Italian one that could give plenty of ideas to the designers at Ferrari.


The various sketches we show you have been created by John Mark Vicente using Photoshop CS2 and Softimage XSI. According to the author, his Ferrari concept is inspired by the Ferrari F70 created by Randy Rodriguez and the Dino Competizione by Sacha Selipanov.

Aesthetically, the Imola concept is a Spider without windscreen that reminds us of the KTM X-Bow. The designer used triangular and trapezoidal shapes to create the head and tail lights and the grille. The enormous rims and semi-slick tires underline the aggressiveness of the vehicle.


The dual exhaust highlights its sporty approach, while the side mirrors and customized flanks add a touch of grace and power. With such a look and a future hybrid Ferrari V6 engine (coming in a few years), this supercar is ready to take on the road monsters like Ariel Atom, Caparo T1, KTM X-Bow and especially the Lotus Elise.



[via Xelopolis]

Ferrari FSX Concept, the Four-Door Sedan Supercar

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Loading...The FSX is a Ferrari concept car designed by Academy of Art University (San Francisco) graduate, Paul Kim. The name “FSX” stands for Ferrari Sedan Xperiment, because this is pretty much what this vehicle stands for, an unusual design experiment.


The vehicle is a four-door sedan powered by a naturally aspirated mid-mounted V12 engine. It is intended to be a car for people who enjoy going on road trips with friends or family, but also like the feeling of driving a sports car.

The FSX has floating A and C pillars that direct the airflow around the top of the car, into the engine bay, keeping the V12 engine cool. To provide downforce, air is passed through the revolving rear spoiler. Also at the front of the ride there’s an adjustable splitter, that directs air in the split radiators placed on each side of the Ferrari supercar.






[via Diseno-Art]

Ferrari Motorcycle Concept is a Red Dream!

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Loading...What happens when the prancing pony meets Akira? You get this beautiful Ferrari motorcycle, created by Amir Glinik and we can’t believe it’s only a concept. This hottie packs a Ferrari V4 Integrated Drive Unit and its driver will use a touchscreen computer to manage its systems.


You may notice the presence of those cool looking hand controls… Well, they’re inspired by the “throttle quadrant of a F16 jet fighter”.

The above-mentioned PC helps control the suspensions of the vehicle, the driving mode and the tech stuff doesn’t end here, as this Ferrari bike’s got an anti theft device incorporated plus radio and GPS. On the motorcycle’s display you’ll be able to monitor all liquids and temperatures, so you’ll keep it safe, while keeping it sci-fi and cool.

More shots of the Ferrari concept motorcycle below!




[via Yanko Design]

Ferrari Aurea, a 360 Modena Successor Created by DGF Design

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Loading...The beautiful Aurea concept was created by DGF Design in 2005 and aims to combine F1 tech with standard road car gear. We’re dealing with a hot supercar that reaches 60 mph in 3.9 sec thanks to its V8 engine and 501 hp.


Aurea can reach a top speed of 325 km/h and its displacement is 3998 cc, as for the dimensions, they look something like this:

Length: 4476 mm
Width: 1968 mm
Height: 1150 mm
Weight: 1250 kg

Here’s a neat video showing some slides and close-ups of the car and more pics after the break:

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[via Diseno-Art]

Ferrari Monza Goes Fast, Features an Autopilot

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Loading...Forget all of the concept supercars you’ve seen lately, as we’re in for a Ferrari-branded treat. The pics we saw portraying this vehicle make it look like a toy, but what a powerful and expensive contraption it will be! Its designer, Iman Maghsoudi left the complicated task of driving at high speed to the supercar’s computer.


We’re dealing with a Ferrari that allows its driver to sit in a cockpit, just like the one of a Formula 1 car and control the vehicle at lower speeds. However, if you go past 200 km/h or so, the computer takes control and you’ll be back to playing Halo 5 while driving or whatever game will be a hit in the remote future.


Passing to the chassis, this supercar can change shape for better aerodynamics and a reduction of friction, so you won’t take off. The 2 “fins” are used for air circulation and to give the ride a meaner look.



[via Yanko Design]

Ferrari 2008 Concept Design, Not For the Faint Hearted

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Loading...After checking out the Lamborghini Reventon experience we’ve gone blind for a few days, but now that we’ve come back to daylight, there’s a neat batch of photos showing a Ferrari 2008 concept design in here.


Check out the A-pillar forward. Does it spell Maserati yo you? Never mind that, as the car still looks uber-cool, but very much NOT like the Ferrari supercars we know and love. Congrats to Luca Serafini for his neat design and here’s a gallery of his great automotive works.


[via Autoblog]