Ferrari Vision Hipermodulo is Inspired by Spaceships and Pininfarina Classics

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Loading...It’s hard to imagine a high tech sci fi Ferrari nowadays, especially since the traditional Ferrari design has evolved on its own, without borrowing from other areas, but let’s see what this concept brings. Rendered by Emmanuel Hernandez, the design goes back to Pininfarina roots and seems to adopt crazy Star Trek specs. Meet the Ferrari Vision Hipermodulo! Continue reading “Ferrari Vision Hipermodulo is Inspired by Spaceships and Pininfarina Classics”

Ferrari F750 is the Concept Car of 2025

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Loading...2025 is merely 12 years away and if you can resist the temptation of dreaming about flying cars, then you can imagine something like the Ferrari F750 concept shown below. This render was created as part of a Ferrari World Design Contest with a vision into the future as the theme.

Ferrari F750 concept 6

The designers here are Marc Devauze, Vianney Brecheisen and Alexandre Labruyere and they envision the Ferrari F750 supercar as the vehicle of 2025, on a planet filled with 11 billion people. This model weighs 750 kg and it has a rear petrol engine, plus two front electric engines. The front ones act like a turbo booster and the folks who will buy this car will be able to customize its interior at will.

Ferrari F750 concept 4

You can purchase a specially designed cocoon, that you can share with other drivers and change your experience. This also makes the Ferrari F750 a modular concept, which is very cool. This experience is called e-sharing and it’s truly mind blowing, since I’ve seen my share of car renders and I’ve never heard of such a thing.

The only thing I’m not sure of here is the lifting windshield/roof made of glass…

[via Tuvie]

Flying Ferrari X-Racer is Wipeout Material, too Futuristic to be Called a “Car”

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Loading...Are you familiar with the Wipeout console game? The series includes Wipeout 2097 and a title called Wipeout HD, that, if I’m not mistaking was also made for the PlayStation 3 console. Well, the following concept racing vehicle reminds me of the flying racers you could use in the title, only this time it’s a Ferrari we’re talking about.


Designer Vincent Montreuil created the beautiful Flying Ferrari X-Racer concept, although it’s far from being a supercar, since this word will change its definition 50 years from now. The creator of this wonderful Ferrari imagines a future with a new sport, an air vehicle racing with race tracks in the air, basically an upgrade from the current Formula 1.

Could the X-Racer be the future of Ferrari racing cars? Will the Alonsos and Lewis Hamiltons of the future drive such sci-fi racers?


There are even some specifications attached to this project and we learn that the super racer will measure 8 metres in length, 12 in width and 1.56 in height. Ferrari X-Racer’s  speed will be around 2056 km/h and the engine will be “2 Turbostator with Xtrem FireForce”, whatever that means.

Cooling turbines, lateral air intakes and a stabilization reactor complete the specifications list. What do you say, futuristic or viable?






[via Yanko Design]

Ferrari Aurea, a 360 Modena Successor Created by DGF Design

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Loading...The beautiful Aurea concept was created by DGF Design in 2005 and aims to combine F1 tech with standard road car gear. We’re dealing with a hot supercar that reaches 60 mph in 3.9 sec thanks to its V8 engine and 501 hp.


Aurea can reach a top speed of 325 km/h and its displacement is 3998 cc, as for the dimensions, they look something like this:

Length: 4476 mm
Width: 1968 mm
Height: 1150 mm
Weight: 1250 kg

Here’s a neat video showing some slides and close-ups of the car and more pics after the break:

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[via Diseno-Art]

Ferrari F460 Tifosi, a V8 Concept Supercar of 2008

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Loading...We’ve had our share of , too many actually, so it’s time to go Italian for a while and check out this Ferrari F460 beauty. The Tifosi is a concept supercar created by Atilla Tay and the wannabe successor of the Ferrari F430.


There’s a powerful V8 mid-mounted engine at the core of this automobile, a 4.6 litre one to be more precise. Keeping the style of the F430, you’ll be able to see the engine of the F460 through a glass window, as for the design of this supercar, it seems to follow the shape of… DNA, believe it or not!

The Tifosi (Italian word for “fan”) is all about flowing lines and a matt black colour that gets the aggressive look going. Will this now scale model ever make it to the streets?



[via diseno-art]