Peugeot 888 Concept Car is Eco Friendly and Easy to Park

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Loading...The fifth annual Design Contest is a time of joy for the folks who dig futuristic designs and hot concepts. This time we’re checking out the Peugeot 888, created by Oskar Johansen, a two seat automobile powered by solar energy and shape-shifting.


This vehicle switches between a suburban and city mode, by using a hydraulic tilting system and lifting the car (city mode) or lowering it in order to increase the speed (suburban mode).

Each wheel of the Peugeot 888 uses an independent electric motor, based on Li-ion batteries, but you shouldn’t forget the solar energy, harnessed with the aid of photovoltaic cells.



[via Dvice]

Peugeot 360 Concept Car Has Got No Wheels

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Loading...Everything’s 360 these days, starting from the Xbox, the Colgate toothbrush, to the Yahoo social netwoking and blogging service, so cars couldn’t escape this branding. Enter 360… Designed by Andrei França, this concept vehicle uses spheres instead of wheels, making sure you’ll never have a flat tire and giving you a better control of the automobile.


Also, it’s important to mention that the concept car features only three spheres, each powered by an electric motor. They’re all coordinated with the aid of an on-board computer and a system of pulleys. I guess the idea of replacing wheels has got one advantage: better control when parking and backing your car.

Also, talking about 360: what other 360 labelled products do you know?



[via Dvice]