Audi E-tron Detroit 2010 Concept, the new German Electric Supercar

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Loading...The 2010 Detroit Motor Show unveils the Audi E-tron Detroit Concept supercar. Unlike the first E-tron model (displayed at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show) which resembled the R8 model, the new E-tron has a slightly different design and it’s believed to be the foundation for the rumored R4.


The Audi supercar gets its power from two electric engines, developing 204 hp, that take the car from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.9 seconds. This is possible thanks to the light aluminium body kit, which results in a weight of just 1,350 kgs.

The concept vehicle measures 1.78 meters in width, 3.93 meters in length and 1.22 meters in height, classic proportions of a sports car. You need to know that the top speed for this electric Audi is limited to 124 mph.


Once it is fully charged (a complete charge takes 11 hours), the car will run for 155 miles. The interior design of the E-tron has also been changed in comparison to the first model but these changes are far more subtle. The door panels have been redesigned and also the color is different, but the basic structure has been kept the same.

It’s likely that a version of this coupe will go into serial production in the year 2012 (as the R4) and the production model could be available with either an electric engine or classic internal-combustion.





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Versa-Quatic Concept Car is Environmentally Friendly and Blue-ish

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Loading...Christopher Lavelanet is the designer of a hot-looking two-seater, powered by an electric engine and a battery pack. The Versa-Quatic concept car is eco-friendly and allows its drivers to sit in a motorcycle-style position, for an experience you usually get on two wheels. As such, you’ll use your upper and lower body to turn the vehicle, speed it up and even stop this crazy ride.

Just don’t lean your bodies in opposite directions, in case there are two drivers running the automobile…



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Foldable BRB Evolution Concept Supercar is Also Green

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Loading...The BRB Evolution seems to be your average Batmobile-wannabe supercar, but with a twist: it “transforms” and folds so it can occupy less space. Its designer, Daniel Bailey did a great job as the look of the automobile is superb and you might want to know that he draws his inspiration from the Lamborghini Murcielago and Peugeot 908.


Aside from folding and fitting into small parking spaces, the BRB Evolution can also save the Earth, by being “green” and using an electric or hydrogen-based engine. Also, you shouldn’t forget a dog or your mate inside the car while it’s being folded as it will pretty much damage the person or pet. That’s right, no passengers while the car’s folding!



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