SAIC-GM YeZ, Eco-Friendly Concept Car of the Year 2030

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Loading...The YeZ concept car is an all electric, eco-friendly vehicle that was designed by the joint venture of SAIC and GM. The design of the car is environment-oriented and gets its power from natural resources.


The concept vehicle features solar panels, which are located on the rooftop and small wind turbines, placed on its wheels. Besides the solar panels, the roof of the YeZ will benefit from an innovative system that will capture carbon dioxide from the surrounding air and then release oxygen in the atmosphere.

The electric energy generated by the solar panels and the wind turbines it’s going to be stored in onboard batteries that will power the vehicle. No technical specifications are available, since the YeZ concept is only a dream of eco-friendly cars that will be used in 2030.






[via Auto Motto]

Versa-Quatic Concept Car is Environmentally Friendly and Blue-ish

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Loading...Christopher Lavelanet is the designer of a hot-looking two-seater, powered by an electric engine and a battery pack. The Versa-Quatic concept car is eco-friendly and allows its drivers to sit in a motorcycle-style position, for an experience you usually get on two wheels. As such, you’ll use your upper and lower body to turn the vehicle, speed it up and even stop this crazy ride.

Just don’t lean your bodies in opposite directions, in case there are two drivers running the automobile…



[via Tuvie]