If This Car Was A Woman, It Would be Scarlett Johansson: DS Luxe Autre


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Some designers create cars having in mind birds, jaguars or spaceships. The creator of the DS Luxe Autre concept car must’ve had in mind a hot lady, like Scarlett Johansson for example. The supercar was inspired by feminine forms and can be checked out below.

DS Luxe Autre concept car 2016 (1)

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Peugeot XB1, Electric Vehicle of 2025

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Loading...The Peugeot XB1 is a concept vehicle of the future, meant to reach the market in 2025 or perhaps even later. It’s the creation of Thierry Fischer, Kevin Biolluz, Karim Bennani, Frederic La Sciellour and it looks more like one-person automobile, than a car for your family.

This is a human size concept car with an exoskeleton and some traits that look more like a motorcycle than a car. Peugeot XB1 is a fully electric vehicle, meant for premium services and it comes with GPS, smartphone apps and a top speed of 35 kmh. Although the speed is not impressive, you might consider this an alternative to walking on foot or Segways…

[via Yanko Design]

Energya Concept Vehicle Makes Three Wheels Trendy

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Loading...As laptops and mobile phones converge to singular devices, so do the cars and motorcycles… The result? Hybrids with three wheels, of course. The 4 wheel aficionados might consider this a sacrilege, but it’s the way of the future after all. Higgins-Aube shows us a bit of that not so remote future, through the ENERGYA concept vehicle:


This is a side-by-side two seater which some might consider a bike, but it’s certainly more than that, as it includes the components of automobiles that usually come with 4 wheels.

There’s even a name for such a concept, the “motomobile”, as stated by Higgins-Aube. Behind the neat looks hides a 200 HP motorcycle engine, that powers a single rear wheel.



[via Yanko Design]

Peugeot One Concept Car is Green and Stable

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Loading...Peugeot One is a “green” concept car, designed by Omar Ivan Huerta Cardoso and it aims to change the way people see automobiles in relation with the environment. The vehicle accumulates solar energy with the aid of its windshield, imitating the Photosynthesis process and going easy on Mother Nature, by not releasing dangerous substances in the air.


This concept car is a single-seater, an urban vehicle that uses a Gyroscope system to generate stability and a pretty nifty suspension system that handles a sudden stop quite well, by cushioning the body of the car.

I have to say that this is quite a long automobile that will be a real pain to park, unless it comes with a foldable mechanism, like the BRB concept car.


[via Ecofriend]

Foldable BRB Evolution Concept Supercar is Also Green

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Loading...The BRB Evolution seems to be your average Batmobile-wannabe supercar, but with a twist: it “transforms” and folds so it can occupy less space. Its designer, Daniel Bailey did a great job as the look of the automobile is superb and you might want to know that he draws his inspiration from the Lamborghini Murcielago and Peugeot 908.


Aside from folding and fitting into small parking spaces, the BRB Evolution can also save the Earth, by being “green” and using an electric or hydrogen-based engine. Also, you shouldn’t forget a dog or your mate inside the car while it’s being folded as it will pretty much damage the person or pet. That’s right, no passengers while the car’s folding!



[via Jalopnik]

Three wheel Magnetic Car Concept is the Way of the Future

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Loading...Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner! A winner of the unseen technology award at the Interior motives design 2007 that is, the MAG, a magnetic vehicle concept designed by Matus Prochaczka.


The vehicle is based on magnetic power and uses an electric engine with the same polarity as the one on the road. That can only mean that in some alternate future we’ll have polarized roads with magnets on the side, in order to put in motion such hot rides. The MAG is a 2 seater with a hot design, that reminds me of a high-heel shoe, but it’s not quite feasible because of the lack of compatible technology and roads.


Should we also mention that this car is “green” and very comfortable thanks to its adaptable seating?


[via Tuvie and The Design Blog]

BMW Africa, “Decompose” Concept Car of 2015

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Loading...Yesterday we’ve shown you the BMW ZX-6 concept car, designed by the folks of Istituto Europeo di Design of Turin as part of a challenge launched by BMW. Now, the same challenge reveals another great concept, the BMW Africa, designed by Raphael Laurent and Mihai Panaitescu.


The vehicle is inspired by the African lifestyle and culture and it can “deconstruct” itself in order to satisfy the owner’s daily needs. That surely sounds like Transformers action to me, but there’s got to be more symbolism to this baby than meets the eye.

We remind you that the 8 final models of the BMW challenge will be displayed at the Turin Design Institute till the end of September 2008 at a 1:4 scale.



[via Carbodydesign]

BMW ZX-6, Dreamy Concept Car of 2015

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Loading...If the BMW Gina was not your cup of tea, you might want to get a bit more into the future of automotive design, by admiring the beautiful BMW ZX-6 concept. It was designed by Transportation Design students from the “Instituto Europeo di Design” in Turin and it reflects the trends of 2015.


The concept car is clearly designed for adults and its creators used natural elements as inspiration, ranging from the sun, sea or wind to the earth. This reminds me of a similar Mazda initiative, but this vehicle also used some elements from music (?), painting and many other arts to create an unique automobile of the future.


[via The Design Blog]

Peugeot Flux Comes With Xbox and Green Attitude

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Loading...It’s not often that we get to see a hydrogen engine car with an Xbox inside, in fact it’s not often at all. However, the Peugeot Flux, designed by Mihai Panaitescu is one such vehicle, but the positive features don’t end here. This Peugeot is quite compact with a width of 1650 mm and a 3500 mm length, but its look is still appealing as you can see for yourself.


The Flux is a dynamic car, as shown with the aid of the open cockpit and its shape, continuously passing from straight lines to curves while still using the Peugeot style. It might be worth mentioning that this ride features a plastic hood and body panels, aluminium mechanical parts plus metal chassis and head protection.


[via Yanko Design]

Mazda Concept Crossover SUV Ready to Amaze Moscow

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Loading...Seems that we’ll be seeing a brand new compact crossover SUV at the Moscow Motor Show that starts late next month. The concept car you can check out in the sketches below uses the Nagare design language, but the vehicle doesn’t bare a name yet.


Since studies show that the SUVs are a hit in Russia (20% of the market), the new Mazda CUV will be designed for that Eastern market. This car can be considered a conceptual follow-up to the Ryuga, Hakaze, Taiki and Furai, all of them based on the Nagare design.



[via Autoblog]