BMW 4219Eli is a Crazy Monstrous Supercar Imagined by a 4 Year Old Boy

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Loading...We’ve seen some crazy BMW concepts over the years, but this one tops all. Dubbed BMW 4219Eli, the hypercar you can see here was envisioned by a 4 year old boy called Eli and turned into a concept by designers, with the contribution of BMW.

BMW 4219Eli concept 1

This feels a bit like a huge Batmobile, plus a LEGO toy car going supersize. Interestingly, the vehicle comes with a special storage area for toys and that place has its own ventilation system. BMW 4219Eli was rendered in Photoshop and CAD and relies on 42 functional wheels, plus 19 Porsche engines and it offers 3 driver seats, since it needs a lot of pilots.

BMW 4219Eli concept 2

Massive air intakes, a rear engine bay and a motorsport spoiler are all included. I can’t quite see where those 42 wheels went, while the facade reminds me of one of those badass Le Mans cars to be honest. How crazy is this BMW concept?


BMW Lovos Concept is Sharp, Looks Like it Could Sting

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Loading...Anne Forschner struck gold in all of us S.C.A.R.S videogame fans… If you remember the gaming title, it had cars like the one you can see below all over it and they were pitted against each other through races and more. Back to the design, The 24 year old Pforzheim University graduate created this beautiful BMW Lovos concept, a very unusual piece of machinery.


The supercar looks just like a porcupine and its name stands for “Lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity”. BMW Lovos is made out of a single fully exchangeable part that recurs 260 times and each of its exterior pieces features a solar photovoltaic cells, probably used to charge the futuristic vehicle.

These exterior pieces are connected via hinges to a substructure of the BMW concept car and they can follow the sun or be used as airbrakes. An electric BMW of the future with a very, very sharp design? Yes, sir!






[via Autoblog]

BMW Pixie, Feminine View of a Masculine Passion

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Loading...Supercar design and the passion for concept cars is somewhat of a male-only segment, but we’re keen to welcome newcomers to the field, feminine designers included. Among them there’s Magdalena Schmid, who created the stunning BMW Pixie concept car you can see below. This is not only a vehicle, but also a symbol of values like “relationships, responsability and active participation in society”.


Pixie has an unusual surface, since it uses porous structures on the exterior side, with the advantage of achieving a bigger internal surface, when compared to the exterior one. This will be useful for features like an evaporative cooling system and what’s more interesting is that the car will sport upgrades to its architecture, just like the software/firmware updates.

For example, the electric drive train might become obsolete in a couple of years, so it’ll need to be upgraded. Since this is a car of the future, it won’t waste energy, recycling it instead via the infrastructure of streetlamps, providing energy feedback. Brilliant, feminine and eco-friendly! What more could we want?






[via Yanko Design]