BMW 328 Hommage Concept Celebrates the Famous 328 Automobile

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Loading...BMW celebrates the 328 car model by launching the 328 Hommage concept, pictured below. This is a design that’s based on a carbon fiber body and an asymmetrical windscreen, to name just a few of its features. The newcomer is a 2 seater roadster with a front mounted engine.

This is a lightweight vehicle, one that combines the look of the 1930s car with the newest technologies, like the 2 iPhones included in the dashboard through a special aluminum housing. Also the carbon fiber reinforced plastic is part of the new technologies and looking back to the original model, we remember that the original 328 was one of the first with kidney grilles on the front and wide tail lamps at the back.

The lack of doors and angry facade with the aggressive styling makes this both and old bird and a cool one. Supposedly BMW included a 3 liter six cylinder engine on this model, although I can’t confirm that.

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BMW Hydrogen Salt Flat Racer is Based on Recycling and Reuse of Materials

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Loading...The BMW hydrogen-powered salt flat racer pictured below was part of the 2008 LA Auto Show Design Challenge. This vehicle is based on the principle of reusing materials, like old oil barrels or barbeque lids. BMW have tried to make this concept car environmentally-friendly and they seem to have succeeded.


This car is sustainable and it uses an unique idea to verify the emissions, either goldfish or canaries, that will get sick unless you’re running clean without polluting Mother Nature.

The wheels you can see in the images are made out of gel-nylon and they can flex as needed. Tires are airless and be re-vulcanized or re-treaded at any time.





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BMW Africa, “Decompose” Concept Car of 2015

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Loading...Yesterday we’ve shown you the BMW ZX-6 concept car, designed by the folks of Istituto Europeo di Design of Turin as part of a challenge launched by BMW. Now, the same challenge reveals another great concept, the BMW Africa, designed by Raphael Laurent and Mihai Panaitescu.


The vehicle is inspired by the African lifestyle and culture and it can “deconstruct” itself in order to satisfy the owner’s daily needs. That surely sounds like Transformers action to me, but there’s got to be more symbolism to this baby than meets the eye.

We remind you that the 8 final models of the BMW challenge will be displayed at the Turin Design Institute till the end of September 2008 at a 1:4 scale.



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BMW ZX-6, Dreamy Concept Car of 2015

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Loading...If the BMW Gina was not your cup of tea, you might want to get a bit more into the future of automotive design, by admiring the beautiful BMW ZX-6 concept. It was designed by Transportation Design students from the “Instituto Europeo di Design” in Turin and it reflects the trends of 2015.


The concept car is clearly designed for adults and its creators used natural elements as inspiration, ranging from the sun, sea or wind to the earth. This reminds me of a similar Mazda initiative, but this vehicle also used some elements from music (?), painting and many other arts to create an unique automobile of the future.


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