Audi Nero Concept, Los Angeles Auto Show Material

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Loading...The vehicle you can see below is the Audi Nero concept car, designed in 2006 for the Los Angeles Auto Show. The idea behind Audi Nero is the fact that this supercar is the ultimate nightclubbing vehicle from the future.


There’s something very steampunk and noir about this car, making it fit into a post-apocalyptic future. It might be those sinister lines, the elongated shape or the Batmobile resemblances, plus an Audi fan might also notice the covered wheel arches, that are very similar to the ones on the Audi RSQ concept, from the “I, robot” movie.

Would you go clubbing in this ride, let’s say in the year 2030?




[via diseno-art]

Front Open Wheel Racer Concept Would Make the Batmobile Cry in Its Pillow

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Loading...Batmobile who? Just look at this beauty, seemingly a hybrid between an F1 automobile, the famous Batmobile and some buggie I was driving in Halo 3. It’s been designed by Jeff Smith, with the aid of Sketchbook Pro and the vehicle features a cockpit hatch and 80’s style rear Camero air intake vents.

The concept is called the “Front Open Wheel Racer” and we might be looking at the racing vehicle of … let’s say 2012.


[via Coroflot]