Audi Grand Prix Union Reborn 2017 Goes Electric, Features Super Spoked Rims

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Loading...Russian designer Burov has come up with a reinvention of a 1930s beast of a car, that was made to compete, not wait for you to drink your expresso in a bar. Dubbed Audi Grand Prix Union Reborn, this concept car is inspired by the Silver Arrows from 80 years ago.

Audi Grand Prix Union Reborn concept 1

This revamped automobile doesn’t abuse the V16 or V12 engines, but instead replaces them with an electric power train. The super spoked rims and carbon fiber accents are certainly cool looking. This feels like something out of an old Formula 1 car, somehow mixed with the cockpit of a jet fighter. And it all ends with a less than aggressive front, that focuses more on vents than a sharp tip.

This is a retro futuristic Audio Grand Prix Union Reborn concept, with a grated back, that bares the classic 4 ring mark of Audi. Obviously, the vehicle isn’t exactly safe by today’s standards, since it keeps some 1930s design choices that made cars very vulnerable to impacts at high speed. The suspensions seem a tad exposed and fragile for example.

Audi Grand Prix Union Reborn concept 2

Audi Grand Prix Union Reborn concept 3

Audi Grand Prix Union Reborn concept 4

Audi Grand Prix Union Reborn concept 5

Audi Grand Prix Union Reborn concept 6

Audi Grand Prix Union Reborn concept 7

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Audi A0 QS, Eco-Friendly Futuristic Sports Car

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Loading...Created by Russian designer Alexander Tiganova, the Audi A0 QS concept is an eco-friendly sports car, equipped with a hybrid drivetrain, consisting of an electric motor and a hydrogen engine.


Besides the dynamic look and the sport oriented style, this concept vehicle benefits from a special rotation system of the wheels, inspired by the trike, that allows the wheels to turn just by bending, without rotating along the vertical axis.

The “Q” in the concept car’s name stands for four-wheel drive and the “S” for support, according to the designer. This Audi concept car’s doors are made from a rubber fabric, that can turn transparent, depending on the driver’s needs. With a length of just 3.4 meters, this futuristic vehicle would have a great advantage when driving on busy urban roads, or when parking.






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Audi RS7, a Sportscar Concept With Audi R8 Elements

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Loading...The Audi RS7 concept car is the work of Austrian designer Adriano Mudri, who is a graduate of the University of Applied Sciences – Graz. The RS7 is a sportscar design that combines several features from the VW/Audi Group models, from Audi elements, all the way to Lamborghini details.


The side view of this Audi supercar, as well as the rear section with a different colour, where the engine is located have been borrowed from the Audi R8. The front end of the vehicle and the descending line on the sides resemble the latest sport models from Seat.

The scissor doors designed for the RS7 are a trademark of Lamborghini supercars, while the headlamps and tail lights have been reduced to a minimal size, which underlines the possibility of using LED-technology for the lighting system, another typical feature for the Audi brand.






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Audi E-tron Detroit 2010 Concept, the new German Electric Supercar

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Loading...The 2010 Detroit Motor Show unveils the Audi E-tron Detroit Concept supercar. Unlike the first E-tron model (displayed at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show) which resembled the R8 model, the new E-tron has a slightly different design and it’s believed to be the foundation for the rumored R4.


The Audi supercar gets its power from two electric engines, developing 204 hp, that take the car from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.9 seconds. This is possible thanks to the light aluminium body kit, which results in a weight of just 1,350 kgs.

The concept vehicle measures 1.78 meters in width, 3.93 meters in length and 1.22 meters in height, classic proportions of a sports car. You need to know that the top speed for this electric Audi is limited to 124 mph.


Once it is fully charged (a complete charge takes 11 hours), the car will run for 155 miles. The interior design of the E-tron has also been changed in comparison to the first model but these changes are far more subtle. The door panels have been redesigned and also the color is different, but the basic structure has been kept the same.

It’s likely that a version of this coupe will go into serial production in the year 2012 (as the R4) and the production model could be available with either an electric engine or classic internal-combustion.





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Audi Avatar, Electric Supercar of the Year 2032

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Loading...The Audi Avatar supercar concept is the wet dream of the computer generation, a design created by Edwin Conan (Yi Yuan) and a pretty nifty electric vehicle. Supposedly, this is the supercar of the year 2032, packing a very light and aerodynamic body and being able to go from 0 to 100 km/h in only 2.9 seconds.


The maximum speed of the Audi Avatar is 360 km/h and you should also know that this futuristic road racer comes with three bucket seats. What does this concept rely on? Well, it uses a “long range supercharge-ion battery”, that drives four in-wheel electric motors.

We’re wondering if this car is able to stay on the road at its max speed and not take off, but we guess that some aerodynamic feats stop it from flying against the driver’s will.






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Audi Nero Concept, Los Angeles Auto Show Material

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Loading...The vehicle you can see below is the Audi Nero concept car, designed in 2006 for the Los Angeles Auto Show. The idea behind Audi Nero is the fact that this supercar is the ultimate nightclubbing vehicle from the future.


There’s something very steampunk and noir about this car, making it fit into a post-apocalyptic future. It might be those sinister lines, the elongated shape or the Batmobile resemblances, plus an Audi fan might also notice the covered wheel arches, that are very similar to the ones on the Audi RSQ concept, from the “I, robot” movie.

Would you go clubbing in this ride, let’s say in the year 2030?




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Audi Exo Concept, Powered by Kinetic Energy

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Loading...Designer Andrea Mocellin seems to have a great idea for the future of the Audi brand, one that relies on the human-car symbiosis. The Audi Exo concept car uses an exoskeleton, nanotechnology and relies on “human power” to get around. The vehicle is inspired by sports equipment and footwear, as you can see for yourself in the images below:


Also, Audi Exo will be based on “human instinct” and use the owner’s kinetic energy as a power source. Too bad that Andrea didn’t detail this technology, although I have a feeling that the designer is not talking about raw power or pedals, but rather something more elaborate.

Power train will change in the future, that’s for sure, but will cars depend on our energy, instead of us depending on them?





[via Yanko Design]