Energya Concept Vehicle Makes Three Wheels Trendy

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Loading...As laptops and mobile phones converge to singular devices, so do the cars and motorcycles… The result? Hybrids with three wheels, of course. The 4 wheel aficionados might consider this a sacrilege, but it’s the way of the future after all. Higgins-Aube shows us a bit of that not so remote future, through the ENERGYA concept vehicle:


This is a side-by-side two seater which some might consider a bike, but it’s certainly more than that, as it includes the components of automobiles that usually come with 4 wheels.

There’s even a name for such a concept, the “motomobile”, as stated by Higgins-Aube. Behind the neat looks hides a 200 HP motorcycle engine, that powers a single rear wheel.



[via Yanko Design]

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