Mazda Vision Granturismo is Inspired by… Pebbles

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Loading...Let’s kick 2017 off with a bang! Designer Younsik Bae rendered a beautiful Mazda concept supercar, that he claims it was inspired by the naturally smoothed cobblestone. The Mazda Vision Granturismo is supposed to slip through the air, being very aerodynamic.

Offering sharp aerodynamics and a wide stance, this ride reminds me a bit of the Gran Turismo cars and also about those crazy Le Mans 24 hours prototypes. We’ve got two air splitting mechanisms at the back and I’m willing to bet that the doors are the type that lift up, not open to the side. I also can’t quite make out the actual windshield here, so maybe the entire superior part of the supercar is made of glass.

Its wheel arches are certainly prominent and the whole car is shaped like an arrow, in order to better split the air. Its gloss makes us think that the Mazda Vision Granturismo is made of metal, but I’m sure that carbon fiber is also part of the equation. Another speculation from my part is that we’re dealing with an electric car here.

I guess we’ll learn more when the designer also makes a video of the ride.

via Yanko Design

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