Mazda Shinsi Concept is Seriously Influenced by Formula 1, Still a Great Road Car

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Loading...Some of the most futuristic car concepts we covered on this site were Mazda models and I’m glad to see that the trend hasn’t stopped. We just came across the fresh Mazda Shinshi concept, the creation of Miguel Angel Bahri.

The vibe I get here is a sort of beetle (the bug), turned into a dragon. This is a totally badass machine, that has the facade of a Dodge Viper, some Bugatti elements and a racing style cockpit. The driver and passenger as placed at the center of the ride. We get a futuristic wheel and digital instrument panel, with smart programmable buttons.

This is an electric supercar, with panoramic vision and improved weight distribution. The front side brings a flared look and the open rear wheels give a Formula One vibe. 4 in wheel electric motors do all the work, but the key to this mechanism is a high charge supercapacitor, as well as a rotary bio fueled engine, that extends the range of the main battery.

This means that aside from being a beast on the street, this is a clean beast and green beast.

via YankoDesign

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