Lamborghini Spectro is an autonomous car, ready to take part in Roborace

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Loading...Roborace is a series of races, involving autonomous electric cars and while big names like Jaguar have already adhered to the league, Lambo is not there just yet. Well, designer Matteo Gentile fixed that with the aid of the concept below. Meet the Lamborghini Spectro!

This is an autonomous racer, with a fantastic design, inspired by sharks, stealth planes and hardcore gaming mice. Since there’s no requirement for a cockpit or room for a pilot, the car gets much flatter and more aerodynamic. A lot of safety measures are also given up and the tens of kilos of the human element are also gone.

The Blancpain Super Trofeo rides and Roborace are the clear inspiration here and the Lamborghini Spectro has an open front and the wheel arches are certainly curved. The “fin” at the back reminds me a bit of the Le Mans prototypes. Lots of beautifully shasped carbon fiber and a nifty team of software engineers to do the programming could make this happen.

via carscoops

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