Inferno 1400 Horse Power Supercar Comes Straight Out of Mexico

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Loading...When you first hear about a supercar that’s a new name on the scene, you probably envision it as coming from Europe, either from Italy, France or the Nordic countries. Well, today’s supercar is a 1400 horse power beast that comes from Mexico.

Inferno mexican supercar render 1

The full name of the newcomer is Inferno Exotic Car and behind the project there are Mexican engineers, but the vehicle is built by Italian experts and it was showcased earlier this month. Its design features a double strip at the back, used as tail lights, a large rear wing made of carbon fiber supposedly and a badass 5 tailpipe exhaust system.

Inferno mexican supercar render 2

The finishing involves a silver-red two tone color choice, with black accents. Five spoke wheels are in the mix as well and the whole design comes from Antonio Ferrarioli, an Italian designer who handled projects related to Lamborghini components. The creators of the Inferno claim that its bodywork is made of a zinc-aluminum-silver alloy, aka “metal foam”.

This technology has actually been patented by the maker of the car. It’s able to stretch up to 100 times its original size to absorb impacts. Powering this machine is a V8 bi turbo engine, that generates 1400 HP and helps the supercar reach 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds.

Inferno mexican supercar render 3

Inferno mexican supercar render 4

Inferno mexican supercar render 5

Inferno mexican supercar render 6

Inferno mexican supercar render 7


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