Ferrari Vision Hipermodulo is Inspired by Spaceships and Pininfarina Classics

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Loading...It’s hard to imagine a high tech sci fi Ferrari nowadays, especially since the traditional Ferrari design has evolved on its own, without borrowing from other areas, but let’s see what this concept brings. Rendered by Emmanuel Hernandez, the design goes back to Pininfarina roots and seems to adopt crazy Star Trek specs. Meet the Ferrari Vision Hipermodulo!

The car doesn’t seem to have any wheels per se, so it probably relies on a magnetic system of sorts. This is not a finalized project, so we should judge just yet, but the back headlights are not very convincing, to be honest. The “wheels” are very arched at first sight, but then they appear to be retractable and flattened. The Ferrari Modulo is apparently able to “distort the space time continuum”, by using a warp drive propulsion, that’s what the designer claims.

There’s Ion propulsion here, 512 drive warp drive propulsion, self driving features and magnetic levitation. The actual design is more spaceship and less Pininfarina, to be honest and I’m pretty impressed by the fancy lines of the doors, especially with the retracted wheels. The form is influenced by the Pininfarina Ferrari 512 S Modulo, through the low body and low cabin, as well as the Pininfarina Ferrari 512S Berlinetta Speciale.

Quite a crazy piece of work!

via Behance

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