Ferrari Eternita 2025 Brings Back One of the Best Ferrari Designs Ever

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Loading...6 years ago we covered a concept called the Ferrari Eternity, the winner of the first prize of the Ferrari World Design Contest 2011. Now we found that design again, but instead of mockups made of plastic, we have detailed renders of a model now called Ferrari Eternita. So let’s see how the project has evolved!

Ferrari Eternita 2025 is the creation of Ahn Dre, who used Autodesk Alias Design and Autodesk Showcase. The supercar has an advanced electric drive and a traditional gasoline mode. There’s carbon fiber at the exterior of the vehicle, covered with lithium, able to somehow juice up the vehicle’s engine. Since the joy of driving the beast is only reserved for a duo, this is a 2 seater “barchetta”.

The traditional F1 design is borrowed here and “hyper efficiency” is among the propositions of the car. A superconductive motor and a hydrogen generator are also included plus a Maglev system wheel and a fly wheel energy storage. The “no A pillar frame” feels odd, but it’s supposed to offer a clearer view. Be sure to check out the designer’s profile on Behance, for all the cool deets of this high flyer.

I find that so many energy systems combined are too much for one car. Maybe pick just one, otherwise this car may be headed to a nuclear explosion at the first crash.

via Behance

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