Volkswagen Aerrow Futuristic Vehicle Seems Pulled out of Wipeout

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Loading...The PlayStation game Wipeout has always featured futuristic vehicles, the kind of floating cars that will replace today’s racing supercars. Now we’ve got a similar monster from Andreas Blazunaj, a designer from Germany who imagined the Volkswagen Aerrow.

Volkswagen Aerrow concept 1

This futuristic supercar concept has an ultra light build and monocoque cabin construction. This vehicle is based more on aerodynamics and format, rather than a powerful engine. The designer bases the idea more on aerodynamic efficiency and creates a single track vehicle. Electric gyroscopes are installed on the Volkwsagen Aerrow to balance the automobile and prevent it from falling over.

Volkswagen Aerrow concept 3

There’s also the KERS system in the mix and in case you’re wondering, this is a single seat vehicle with an all wheel drive and a 2 wheel steer. The power source here is a TDI Hybrid motor. Its front area is 0.68 m2 and gets the best out of the drag coefficient. The designer also claims that the motor used here doesn’t have to be very powerful: in order to drive at 200 KM/h the Aerrow relies on 9.8 kW or 13.32 Hp, which is very efficient. The Volkswagen Golf would need 89 Hp for that!

[via Behance]

Volkswagen Eco, One and Room – the concepts of 2028

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Loading...While some of us may be stunned by concept supercars of the year 2009 or 2010, Volkswagen takes a peek at the distant future, revealing no less than 3 of its uber-concept vehicles. The first one is the Ego, a two passenger coupe with a sportscar look and tons of customization options.


Next comes the futuristic family ride, the Volkswagen Room, pictured below, that doesn’t need a driver and grants you time (and space) to have fun with your family. The vehicles involve almost no human control at all, as they communicate with other such cars, cancelling the concept of heavy traffic and avoiding accidents.


Last, but not least you can check out the Volkswagen One (below), a single-seat vehicle that looks more like a motorcycle than your average car. Of course, all of these vehicles will be powered by electric engines or they’ll use biofuel, plus you’ll be able to summon them whenever you like, so you won’t spend time looking for your car, instead it’ll be looking for you. See Volkswagen’s cool site for more details!


[via Autoblog]

Volkswagen Viseo Prototype Car Comes With a Huge OLED Display

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Loading...The white prototype car you can see below is really a Volkswagen, even if you can’t believe it. Viseo is designed by Marc Kirsch, who collaborated with Volkswagen design from Wolfsburg and turned this into a brilliant diploma project. It’s an ecological vehicle above all, sporting an electric engine and its lines have been influenced by the architect Santiago Calatrava.


Volkswagen Viseo comes with a beautiful and fragile glass surface on its top side, covered with a flexible OLED film. What’s it used for? Communication, so expect to see movies and commercials on this beauty. It seems we’ve got a business supercar on our hands, since it features a specially designed suitcase space and a giant “display” a la Microsoft Surface.


[via Yanko Design]