Toyota FT-1 Concept Unveiled at the Detroit 2014 Auto Show, Playable in Gran Turismo 6

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Loading...Those of you hoping for a new Toyota Supra will have their dreams fulfilled soon, as Toyota has shown a new concept in Detroit that may revive the Supra. At the 2014 Detroit Auto Show participants could see the Toyota FT-1 concept, shown in detail in the gallery below.


This is supposed to be the “ultimate sports car” and it was created by the Toyota Calty design studio, based in California. Function sculpting was at the core of this design and apparently the FT-1 is a car meant for the track, rather than the street. As far as design goes, the hood is two thirds of the length and the driver is placed almost directly above the rear wheels.


This supercar has a proeminent nose and we also come across a glass engine cover, with these two features being specific to a sports car. Alex Shen, chief designer at the studio who envisioned the car claims that the team was influenced heavily by the Celica and Supra cars and they tried to capture the same vibe. Frankly speaking, I can find Dodge Viper elements here, as well as TVR, if you look closely.

The Toyota FT-1 is a front engine rear drive sports car, but it’s not a hybrid, so it’s raw muscle. By the way you can start driving this car in Gran Turismo 6 already if you own a PlayStation.

[via Jalopnik]

Toyota Biomobile Mecha, Supercar Concept of 2050, Powered by Pollution

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Loading...We’re once again having a look at cars from the year 2050 and this time it’s a Toyota we’re dealing with. The Toyota Biomobile Mecha concept supercar is powered by pollution, since its skin can absorb the harmful substances in the air and turn them into energy.


There’s a “real time strategic navigation planning system” aboard the Toyota vehicle, basically a 3D scanner of the surrounding environment, that’ll guide the car anywhere you want to go and allow it to adapt to any situation.

Toyota Biomobile Mecha relies on nanotechnology and it’s able to expand and contract, both horizontally and vertically. This is a huge advantage for people who need a compact car when the parking space is tight, but also a slim and aerodynamic ride on the fast roads of the future.




[via pinktentacle]