Tesla Aladdin Concept is Meant for the Luxury Lovers, Feels Retro Futuristic

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Loading...I was stunned to see that all over the world wide web, there’s just this little source detailing the Tesla Aladdin concept car. Well, I thought it was the case to cover it, since we haven’t seen that many Tesla concept cars lately.

Tesla Aladdin concept 1

Created by EB Fang, the Tesla Aladdin model feels like a luxurious retro futuristic vehicle, that still takes some cues from the Tesla Model S. There’s an electric drive available here, but the performance is the one of a sports car, competing with the BMW 7 Series and other models of that kind. The wheels are a bit smaller than I’d expect, for such an ample ride.

Tesla Aladdin concept 2

Also, the general format of the car feels like the cryo sleep pods you see on sci fi movies, or a tanning bad, somehow, but also the World War II era cars. Something tells me Elon Musk is more about efficiency and a huge running performance, rather than fancy looking design. Of course, the Teslas are far from ugly, but their electric nature is the key here.

Do you dig this design?

Tesla Aladdin concept 3

Tesla Aladdin concept 4

Tesla Aladdin concept 5

Tesla Aladdin concept 6

via Yanko Design

Tesla Model C Goes Compact, Renders Portray it as Small Urban Car

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Loading...With a pinch of Nissan Micra, some Mini inspiration and Renault Twizzy, the compact Tesla Model C was born. Rendered by designer Dejan Hristov, the vehicle is pictured below and while it’s not as fancy as the Model S, it’s pretty functional.

Tesla Model C concept Dejan Hristov 1

This edgy concept Tesla is a 3 door hatchback, that adopts sliding passenger compartment doors, plus a rear bumper that integrates a retractable drawer. Dejan describes this as a “modern and harmonic, unique design”. It’s a sporty urban car with an electric motor and Li-Ion battery. It brings a glass top, that covers the metal parts of the chassis, in an almost… Galaxy S6-style unity.

Tesla Model C concept Dejan Hristov 2

The side doors are quite generous, allowing easier access to back seats. These doors are operated with electric motors and can open and close automatically. The rear bumper hold the spare wheel and it can pull out like a sort of drawer, which means it’s also useful to transport bikes or other gear. The designer has also come up with a sportier version with a bigger battery, more width and bigger vents for cooling.

He calls that the “Tesla Model C GT”.

Tesla Model C concept Dejan Hristov 3

Tesla Model C concept Dejan Hristov 4

Tesla Model C concept Dejan Hristov 5

Tesla Model C concept Dejan Hristov 6

Tesla Model C concept Dejan Hristov 7

via carscoops.com

Tesla Model M is a Fancy Electric Motorcyle Branded Tesla

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Loading...Since Tesla has expanded into making batteries for homes, why not make even more electric devices in the meantime? How about a Tesla motorcycle? British designer Jans Slapins has imagined the Tesla Model M, a 2 wheel electric powered machine, pictured below.

Tesla Model M concept motorcycle 1

This vehicle comes with a 201 horsepower electric motor and 4 operating modes: Race, Cruise, Standard and Eco. The power comes from Li-Ion batteries, mounted at the lower part of the aluminum frame, in order to keep the center of gravity down. The bike looks bulky, massive straight out of Captain America’s WWII period. The center area of the Tesla Model M has a reason to be bulky, since it’s a sort of booth.

Tesla Model M concept motorcycle 2

It offers room for a laptop, backpack and even a helmet, apparently. Carbon fiber wheels and a mono shock suspension are included too, plus inverted forks. A 150 kW electric motor is at the core of it all and there’s no transmission here, so the electric motors produce 100% of the torque from zero rpm. I’d see Apple making this with Tesla.

Tesla Model M concept motorcycle 3

Tesla Model M concept motorcycle 4

via Jans Slapins