Mazda Concept Crossover SUV Ready to Amaze Moscow

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Loading...Seems that we’ll be seeing a brand new compact crossover SUV at the Moscow Motor Show that starts late next month. The concept car you can check out in the sketches below uses the Nagare design language, but the vehicle doesn’t bare a name yet.


Since studies show that the SUVs are a hit in Russia (20% of the market), the new Mazda CUV will be designed for that Eastern market. This car can be considered a conceptual follow-up to the Ryuga, Hakaze, Taiki and Furai, all of them based on the Nagare design.



[via Autoblog]

Front Open Wheel Racer Concept Would Make the Batmobile Cry in Its Pillow

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Loading...Batmobile who? Just look at this beauty, seemingly a hybrid between an F1 automobile, the famous Batmobile and some buggie I was driving in Halo 3. It’s been designed by Jeff Smith, with the aid of Sketchbook Pro and the vehicle features a cockpit hatch and 80’s style rear Camero air intake vents.

The concept is called the “Front Open Wheel Racer” and we might be looking at the racing vehicle of … let’s say 2012.


[via Coroflot]