Saab Spyker 9+ Tribute Concept Car

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Loading...The Saab Spyker 9+ Tribute is a concept car imagined by Swedish designer Eduard Gray, graduate of the Coventry University (UK), with a Bachelor Degree 2:1 in Industrial Product Design.


The 9+ Tribute supercar features low aerodynamics and uses a Spyker chassis with a mid-mounted engine, while Saab comes up with the design details and the engineering. The power will probably be provided by an Audi-sourced V8 engine.

The exterior design is pure Saab, featuring simple lines, turbine-style wheels, trademark headlights and the Saab grille, but also a big windshield that extends over the entire roof top. To quote Eduard Gray: “This design, the 9+ Saab Spyker Tribute, is just a quick expression of my optimism for the future of the brand.”






[via Diseno-Art]