2017 Porsche Pajun Gets Rendered Ahead of IAA 2015

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Loading...Porsche is expected to bring many goodies to the IAA 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show this autumn, including new electric models. An all electric executive saloon is also in the cards, the Porsche Pajun 2017.

Porsche Pajun concept Frankfurt 2015

This vehicle could debut around 2017 or 2018 and it will be an interconnected ride, with 4.8 m length. This makes it shorter than a Panamera, but still a biggie. Pajun will have a hydrogen fuel version and a battery electric one, with the powertrain mounted at the back. The Panamera Sport Turismo unveiled in 2012 is said to offer hints about the new design.

porsche pajun engine hydrogen

Porsche Pajun is also said to go against the Tesla Model S, at least as far as autonomy is concerned, possibly reaching 265 miles or more. We’re pretty sure that this Porsche concept will be using Toyota’s highly advanced hydrogen engine, since they don’t have a rival right now. Patents filed last year show a new structural design, that allows the rear mounting of the electric drive motors.

This puts the powertrain within an eMSB structure and stiffens the back, plus it ensures extra resilience in case of a crash. By the way, Pajun stands for Panamera Junior, in case you were curious.

via autocar.co.uk

Porsche 929 Concept is a 4 Seater Electric Car

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Loading...Created by designer Julliana Cho, the Porsche 929 concept is an electric 4 seater vehicle with great comfort. The fluid design continues the Porsche legacy, but certainly better than the ugly Panamera did.

Julliana imagines this Porsche concept as a community vehicle, that you share with other members of a car club. They can access the car from a certain docking station that involves a rotating parking structure. This ride uses gullwing doors and measures 4900mm in length, 1270mm in height and has a 2900mm in wheelbase.

It’s very interesting to have the wheels covered only partially by a segment of the car reminding me of that Audi concept from the movie I, Robot, although that R8 I believe had wheels covered completely.

[via Yanko Design]

Porsche 918 Spyder Concept, Shown at Geneva Motor Show 2010

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Loading...Although Porsche don’t often create concept cars, today at the Geneva Motor Show 2010, they are going to display the 918 Spyder concept. The Porsche 918 Spyder is a two-seater sports car, which looks like a mix between a Carrera GT and a Boxster Spyder.


This Porsche supercar is powered by a hybrid drivetrain, which consists of a 500 horsepower V8 engine and two electric motors (one for each axle), that offer an additional 218 horsepower. It can reach a maximum speed of 198 MPH, and goes up to 62 MPH in just 3.2 seconds, with a fuel consumption of 78 mpg, and CO2 emissions of just 70 g/km.

The 918 Spyder has four different driving modes available, designed to offer anything from maximum efficiency to maximum performance. The E-Drive mode means the car is running only on electric power, with a range of up to 16 miles. In the Hybrid mode, the car uses both the combustion engine and the electric motors, and would probably be the mode for everyday driving.


The Sport Hybrid mode uses both powertrains, with the focus on performance, most of the power being delivered to the rear wheels. The last mode, Race Hybrid, delivers the best performance available, the powertrains running at the limit of their power. This mode features even a push-to-pass button, that gives additional electrical power (E-Boost), for overtaking or even better performance.

The interior design of the 918 Spyder concept is supposed to give a little hint of how the future generation of production cars interiors will look like, according to the Porsche designers.





[via Autoblog]