Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo is Another One of Those Cool Supercars We’ll Only Drive Virtually

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Loading...Car makers have made it a habit from creating crazy rides that only make it into games like Gran Turismo and sometimes they get made into limited edition real vehicles. Peugeot is one of the latest names to produce a car for Gran Turismo 6.

Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo concept car  (1)

Brands like Mini, Nissan and Mercedes have all come up with the cookiest ideas for the PlayStation game. Anyway. Peugeot’s entry in the title is the Vision Gran Turismo model pictured above, a beast with a 3.2 litre V6, that generates 875 bhp. It can go from zero to 62 mph in 1.73 seconds and its engine is mid mounted. Just like the Koenigsegg One:1, this Peugeot concept supercar has a power to weight ratio of 1 bhp per kg.

Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo concept car  (2)

This means it weighs under a ton and even under 900 kg. Brembo tech is also here, as well as big 22 inchers at the front and 23 inch wheels at the back. The car is quite low, at 104 cm, even lower than the Ford GT. A free update to Gran Turismo 6 was promised to bring this ride in the mix. A bit wide for my taste and with a not so aggressive front end…

Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo concept car  (3)

Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo concept car  (4)

Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo concept car  (5)

Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo concept car  (6)

Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo concept car  (7)


Peugeot Onyx Goes From Render to Real Ride

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Loading...Peugeot Onyx is one of the concepts I’ve missed over the past year or so, but the big deal here is that it actually got made into a real supercar that was tested by Top Gear. The Onyx came to life at the 2012 Paris Auto Show, originally with 1160 nm of torque available from the gasoline engine and 280 nm of torque from the electric motor.

Peugeot Onyx concept 1

This model is a bit more squared than expected and its doors and wings are made of polished copper for some reason. The copper pieces were left unprotected so a natural tarnishing would cover them for a nifty effect. The rest of the body panels are made of carbon fiber and upfront we’ve got a flat and vertical grille.

Peugeot Onyx concept 3

That one includes 4 horizontal louvers and the famous lion logo. Full LED headlights are also included and up top there’s a double hump roof, with a bunch of air intakes to get air to the engine. By the way, the roof is made of a special shatter resistant glass, or better said plexiglas. At the back there’s another handful of LEDs, creating some special models.

We see no sign of an exhaust here, but there are half a dozen holes near the bottom of the rear, so maybe that’s the exhaust. The Peugeot Onyx super weighs 1100 kg, measures 4.65 mm in length and it’s 1.13 m high.

Peugeot Onyx concept 2

Peugeot Onyx concept 4

Peugeot Onyx concept 5

Peugeot Onyx concept 6


Peugeot XB1, Electric Vehicle of 2025

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Loading...The Peugeot XB1 is a concept vehicle of the future, meant to reach the market in 2025 or perhaps even later. It’s the creation of Thierry Fischer, Kevin Biolluz, Karim Bennani, Frederic La Sciellour and it looks more like one-person automobile, than a car for your family.

This is a human size concept car with an exoskeleton and some traits that look more like a motorcycle than a car. Peugeot XB1 is a fully electric vehicle, meant for premium services and it comes with GPS, smartphone apps and a top speed of 35 kmh. Although the speed is not impressive, you might consider this an alternative to walking on foot or Segways…

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Peugeot Coaster, a Futuristic Car that Puts Safety First

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Loading...The Peugeot Coaster futuristic concept car has been created by designer Kim Minchul. This vehicle offers an alternative for every day driving in the city, where everything is restricted, offering an entertaining ride for the driver.


The driver’s cabin has been projected to be separate from the passenger cabin, giving the driver the sensation of safety and allowing him to be completely focused during driving. With every move and turn, the Peugeot Coaster offers thrilling sensations thanks to its active rotating system, much like a ride from an amusement park.

This concept vehicle offers great mobility and a different way of freedom, which separates it from other means of transportation, giving a new value to driving, and making it fun and exciting, through its innovating system.






[via Tuvie]

5 By Peugeot, the Concept Behind the Peugeot 508 Series; Ready for Geneva Motor Show 2010

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Loading...The 5 concept car by Peugeot, which will be displayed at the Geneva Motor Show, in March, is going to be the foundation for the new Peugeot 508 production series. The 508 sedan will replace the Peugeot 407 and 607 and will compete with the Ford Mondeo and Opel/Vauxhall Insignia.


With a length of 4.85 meters and a width of 1.87, the 5 by Peugeot is powered by HYbrid4 technology, consisting in a 2.0 litre HDi diesel engine that generates 163 horsepower and a rear-mounted 37 HP electric motor, bringing the total output to 200 horsepower. This system offers four-wheel drive when required, an electric only mode, low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions (zero in electric mode).

In the front side, the Peugeot 5 concept car presents a large air intake, a chromed grille and nicely designed headlights, while at the back we can see the “classic” Peugeot tail lights, that extend to the rear quarter panels and sporty dual exhausts.

The series version of the 508 sedan could be presented as a premiere at the Paris Motor Show in September, and it is expected to go into serial production late this year or at the beginning of 2011.






[via Autoblog]

Peugeot Epine Concept Car is Inspired by Formula One and Motorcycles

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Loading...Peugeot Epine was basically a project that was supposed to turn into an environmentally friendly hybrid vehicle, but eventually it turned into a “consumer’s racing car”. Inspired by Formula One cars and motorcycles, Epine features a whale skeleton, as a tribute to Mother Nature. The concept car was created by Daniel Schumpert.


This Peugeot ride relies on the Epine system, with an innovative seating arrangement and the drive-by-wire technology, as far as steering is concerned. The energy source of the vehicle is placed at the back, while the storage area is at the front of the car.

Also, we found out that Epine uses the Michelin Tweel concept airless wheels, with a positive impact on the suspension system. Turns out that the wheel spokes are able to compress and decompress, thanks to the materials they’re made out of, allowing a wide variety of car motions. This futuristic Peugeot measures 4,260 mm (length), 1,882mm (width) and 1153mm (height).






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Peugeot RD 3 Concept Car, One Passenger, Three Wheels

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Loading...So many three wheel concept cars lately… Must be a new trend, like the touchscreen is for mobile phones. Well, at least this looks fairly good and it’s been designed by Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar.

Bear in mind that the Peugeot RD 3 can become more compact during crowded traffic and low speeds, making it the ideal ride for a long distance travel.


The RD 3 displays information regarding the road you’re on, plus any other data you might require via vocal command. The RD isn’t the speedster you’re dreaming of, nor is it tomorrow’s supercar, but rather an useful urban vehicle, perfect for suburbs and sneaking in front of other automobiles.



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Peugeot Loop is a Green Concept Car With Touchscreen Windows

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Loading...In case the title seemed misleading, this is an automobile we’re talking about, a designed by Abhinav Dapke, bearing the name Loop. The vehicle is environmentally-friendly and it uses a solar panel, which is one of the power sources for the automobile, aside from a Lithium battery.


This battery is placed at the rear of the Peugeot Loop and it’s a rechargeable unit. Those touchscreen windows I mentioned in the title are present too and I’m sorry if you thought that I was talking about the operating system.

Back to the windows, they embed a concept camera that can take photos of the surrounding environment, in case you like what you see and touch them, triggering the snapshot.



[via Yanko Design]

Peugeot Stylight, a Hot Electric Three-Seater Concept

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Loading...We keep checking out cars included in the and we’ve stumbled upon the Peugeot Stylight concept, designed by Ognyan Bozhilov. This automobile is a compact three-seater, designed to ride in the city, while hiding a 1.6 liter HDI engine under its hood, plus an electric motor, to keep Mother Nature satisfied.


The Peugeot Stylight is a mid-engine vehicle, with the engine placed above the rear wheels, improving the weight distribution. Notice the concept automobile’s rims, made out of two parts, an exterior one that rotates and the inner one that comes with a fixed Peugeot neon logo.



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Peugeot Henosis Concept Supercar, Based on Hydrogen Fuel and… Gaming Skills

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Loading...Henosis is a concept design, created by Alexei Mikhailov, who managed to foresee the future of modern automobiles, as they slip into the hands of the Xbox generation. Its aggressive, but still elegant look is coupled with its eco-friendliness, as the vehicle uses hydrogen fuel and a powerful battery.


Today’s kids will be tomorrow’s drivers and buyers of today’s concepts, the future mass production cars. In case this phrase made too little sense, imagine that the Peugeot Henosis uses gaming-style controls for basically any function.

So, if you’re an avid gamer and can’t seem to get that driving license, start improving those gaming skills and coordination, as it’s going to pay off. By the way, I have to mention that the car was designed for the 2008 Peugeot design competition, but sadly didn’t make it to the top 30. Too bad, as it looks great.



[via Yanko Design]