Mercedes-Benz SL|Pure Brings Back the 1950s 300SL Gullwing, Makes it High Tech

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Loading...Who doesn’t remember the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, a defining piece of engineering that has changed the way we think of car doors and the approach to Merc aesthetics in general. Designer Matthias Böttcher decided to revive the old beast with a modern twist and the result is a Frankenstein that somehow lacks a windshield.

Mercedes Benz Gullwing SL Pure concept  (1)

Mercedes has been in the news a lot lately, through its self driving car initiatives and this may just end up as one of them. Anyway, the aim here was to capture the spirit of the 1950s 300SL Gullwing, through a sleek, metallic car, with a long front, rounded cockpit and kickass wheels. A scale model was built by the designer to show off for his bachelor’s thesis.

Mercedes Benz Gullwing SL Pure concept  (2)

Dubbed the Mercedes-Benz SL|Pure, this concept supercar only has a transparent portion at the center of the roof, otherwise no windows whatsoever. While such wheels have been seen on concepts before, I find the unified tail light to be interesting and potentially usable in the future. There’s something very Aston Martin-esque going on with the front of the car…

Mercedes Benz Gullwing SL Pure concept  (3)

Mercedes Benz Gullwing SL Pure concept  (4)

Mercedes Benz Gullwing SL Pure concept  (5)

Mercedes Benz Gullwing SL Pure concept  (6)

Mercedes Benz Gullwing SL Pure concept  (7)

Mercedes Benz Gullwing SL Pure concept  (8)


Mercedes Benz LeMans is an Electric Supercar Meant for the LeMans 24 Hour Race

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Loading...Designer Ozgun Culam, that has a bunch of incredible magnetic spaceships/hypercars on his profile has rendered back in 2011 a very nifty Mercedes Benz concept. Dubbed Mercedes-Benz LeMans, this concept is an electric vehicle meant for the LeMans 24 hour race.

Mercedes Benz LeMans concept 2011 1

This feels like a Bizarro world Batman vehicle, or better said Spiderman’s ride, since it’s so… stringy. Those gaps in the sides of the supercar are used to funnel in the air and keep the brake mechanisms from overheating. Each wheel of the Mercedes Benz LeMans has its own electric engine and we’ve got large spoilers to keep the vehicle grounded.

Mercedes Benz LeMans concept 2011 2

As you probably figured out, there’s a large carbon fiber chassis here and the roof is inspired by a jet fighter. We’ve got a wide grille with the brand logo here and two wings on the front spoilers. Interestingly the glass cabin of the pilot is not centered, but rather placed to the left. An excellent concept, but would it be comfy for the rider?

Mercedes Benz LeMans concept 2011 3

Mercedes Benz LeMans concept 2011 4

Mercedes Benz LeMans concept 2011 5

Mercedes Benz LeMans concept 2011 6

Mercedes Benz LeMans concept 2011 7

Mercedes Benz LeMans concept 2011 8


Mercedes Creates Special Concept Car for Gran Turismo 6

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Loading...We come back into action with a concept from Mercedes-Benz AMG, that was created to exist in a virtual world. This vehicle was modeled for Gran Turismo 6, the latest iteration in the famous series of PlayStation racing simulators.

Mercedes Benz Vision Gran Turismo concept 1

This Mercedes Vision Gran Turismo concept, as it’s called is basically a redone SLS AMG, that integrates elements from the past and also from the future. It even borrows from the Benz 1930s racers and the 300SL model that inspired the supercar you see here. The supercar is elongated, glossy and adopts flared wheel arches.

This Batmobile meets Aston Martin meets Buggati of the future has no rear window, but what it does have are two fuel fillers on the roof. There are LEDs surrounding the grilled and a sculpted back area. Vision GT doesn’t go the eco friendly way, instead using a twin turbo V8, that outputs 577 horsepower. This is a 3000 pound monster that we’ll love to drive on the PS4 and only on it for now…


Mercedes Benz Biome Grows on Trees… Literally

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Loading...The Mercedes Biome concept started off as an idea in the 2010 Design Challenge organized by LA Auto Show. They required the participants to create a vehicle that weighs under 1,000 lbs and that is still able to carry 4 people. This Mercedes car is very futuristic, especially since the main idea behind is that the vehicle grows from a seed.

Biome relies on symbiosis, that makes it part of the ecosystem and the car collects energy from the sun. The Mercedes concept is based on nature and biotechnology, plus interaction with Mother Earth. It acts like one of trees and laves and it even collects energy from forests. This is a completely biodegradable car and its wheels are grown from 4 separate seeds.

Also, the parts of the vehicle are genetically engineered and the exterior grows from the Mercedes symbol star on the rear. Meanwhile, the interior of the car grows from the star on the front… What’s really cool is that this sci-fi ride generates oxygen after using up the “BioNectar” it relies on for fuel. All I can say is… am I dreaming?

[via gizmag]

Mercedes Blackbird Goes TRON, Carries Big Legacy

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Loading...Designer Peter Vardai decided to give the good old Mercedes brand a twist and created the Blackbird concept supercars you can see below. He based his idea on the feeling of speed and freedom, plus the design on an airplane. The result is the black and silver vehicle below.

This is a sporty car with Tron-style lighting, which is just another addition to the many TRON-related gadgets and customizations that came out with the Legacy movie last year. Some countries prohibit the dark windows on such devices, especially the one in front of the driver, so the Mercedes Blackbird is meant to remain a concept.

Also, does anyone else think that the supercar resembles the BMW X6 format a bit? The final renders were made by Tamas Fodor, so here goes the credit.

[via Yanko Design]

Mercedes Benz Cyborg Sensation Vehicle, Mind-Controlled Supercar of the Year 2040

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Loading...The Mercedes Benz Cyborg Sensation Vehicle, or C.S.V., is a concept car imagined by Chinese designer Derek Chik Kin Ng. The C.S.V. is an off-road capable, two-seater supercar, inspired from the Mercedes F400 concept, designed back in 2001.


The interesting part about this Mercedes Benz concept is that it has no steering wheel, no pedals, but this vehicle can be controlled with the power of mind instead. It uses a system named Brain Computer Interface (BCI), which creates a connection between the car and its driver, through a specially-designed helmet.

This way, the driver’s brain impulses are gathered by the helmet and transferred to the car, which responds appropriately. Although this principle may sound plausible in the future, its implementation on cars, could prove to be quite a difficult task.






[via Yanko Design]

Mercedes BlitzenBenz Concept, Retro Hydrogen Hybrid

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Loading...In case you’re the nostalgic type, who misses the beginning of the automotive design days, we have a treat for you: the Mercedes Blitzen-Benz design, created by George Yoo. This concept car is inspired by the original Blitzen-Benz model, dating back from 1909, but it brings a modern twist in the mix: a Hygenius hybrid hydrogen engine.


The above-mentioned engine will power four in-wheel electric motors and in case you didn’t know this is a sports car we’re talking about. There’s also a hydrogen storage tank on the side of the vehicle, under the cockpit and a small window that allows the driver to see the level of his fuel.

BlitzenBenz’s exterior case uses intelligent components, that are also adaptable and can be grown, not manufactured (nanotechnology for the win). They provide an organic body structure for the Mercedes concept car and keep the wheel pods intact. The latter car parts will open like flower buds, in order to cool the electric motors inside and there’s also a lighting system (in blue) on board, fuelled by bioluminescent sea creatures.






[via The Design Blog]

Mercedes Benz Silverflow, Uber-Supercar of the Remote Future

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Loading...Fancy a car made out of liquid metal? How about a Mercedes Benz branded one? Revealed at the LA Auto Show Design Challenge a while back, the Mercedes Benz Silverflow is a real mystery if you’re trying to guess what’s on the hood. What’s important is its metal body, a shapeshifting one.



That’s right, as its designers said, there’s going to be a “flood” of cheap carbon fibre in the 2020s so the alternative must be… new metal. No, not the music, the liquid metal you saw back in Terminator 2. So, we’ll be able to choose the shape of our car, as we ride. How cool is that?


[via Tuvie]