Maserati LaMaserati is a Crazy Virtual Hypercar

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Loading...We’ve all heard about supercars, but there’s such a thing called hypercars, apparently. One of them is the Maserati LaMaserati shown below, created by Mark Hostler, a Staffordshire University graduate (transport and design). He was obviously inspired by the Italian hypercar Ferrari LaFerrari.

Maserati LaMaserati concept 1

This beast called LaMaserati comes with a V12 6.3 litter engine and may drop the famous KERS system, that recovers cynetic energy. Just in case you’re wondering, in the background of the car shots there’s the town of Valencia, with beautiful locations such as Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. The hypercar is said to be a successor for the Maserati MC12 model and it’s supposed to be a very light machine.

It’s certainly lighter than the above mentioned Ferrari and it has the vibe of a spacecraft. It also looks like a missile and what intrigues me the most are the two “horn-like” pieces on top of the LaMaserati. This is a very, very low car and the chassis draws inspiration from the LaFerrari clearly, including the bulbous cockpit.


Maserati Tramontane, Lightweight Electric Supercar

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Loading...Maserati Tramontane is a concept car created by designer Ondrej Jirec, from the Czech Republic. Jirec is none other than the creator of the Audi O, designed back in 2008. The Tramontane was developed as part of the designer’s studies at the Art Center College of Design (Pasadena).


The new Maserati concept’s body consists of four distinct layers, which flow from the interior to the exterior. The first one is the exterior glass surface, sustained by a black frame that attaches to the chassis. Tramontane’s second layer contains the dashboard and the headlights and also protects the interior air vents and the speakers.

The impact-resistant lower section of the seats makes out the third layer. This one also extends to the exterior and carries the tail lights. The supercar’s fourth and final layer is located in the front of the vehicle and it serves as a case for the electric engine and as a dashboard. This segment is connected to the chassis and conceals all the electronics.


Maserati Tramontane’s interior design is very simple. On the dashboard we can find a large gauge with digital display, for better navigation. The concept vehicle measures 4.25 meters in length, 1.17 meters in height and it is powered by two electric motors, one for the front wheels and the other for the rear wheels.

In conclusion, the Tramontane is intended to be “a lightweight electric luxury supercar”, to quote Jirec.





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