Lamborghini Spectro is an autonomous car, ready to take part in Roborace

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Loading...Roborace is a series of races, involving autonomous electric cars and while big names like Jaguar have already adhered to the league, Lambo is not there just yet. Well, designer Matteo Gentile fixed that with the aid of the concept below. Meet the Lamborghini Spectro! Continue reading “Lamborghini Spectro is an autonomous car, ready to take part in Roborace”

Lamborghini Resonare is a Render With Complex Silhouette, Completed by Polish Designer in a Year

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Loading...Polish designer Paul Czyzewski needed one year to complete the complex renders of the Lamborghini Resonare concept, beautifully portrayed below. This model is both aggressive and futuristic, with an impressive amount of angular design traits.

Lamborghini Resonare concept supercar  (1)

Resonare is a sporstcar with two seats and it comes in 3 flavours: Classic, Extreme and Individual, separated by performance and interior. Extreme and Individual offer extra power, a lighter frame, increased torque and lower suspension. They get bonus spoilers and these rides have doors that open upwards, just like the coolest supercars out there, Countach included.

Lamborghini Resonare concept supercar  (2)

The designer used tools like 3D Studio Max, Mental Ray and Photoshop to achieve this piece of work. The pointy front of the Lamborghini Resonare feels a bit like the Sesto Elemento, while the roof is pretty atypical for a Lambo, with a large amount of glass. The spoiler at the back is also prominent for a typical Lamborghini and feels like an afterthought maybe. .

Inside we find some inspiration from the “Hexagon” theme maybe, with carbon fiber and leather stitching.

Lamborghini Resonare concept supercar  (3)

Lamborghini Resonare concept supercar  (4)

Lamborghini Resonare concept supercar  (5)

Lamborghini Resonare concept supercar  (6)

Lamborghini Resonare concept supercar  (7)

[via Behance]

Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce Roadster Unveiled at Pebble Beach This Month

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Loading...After a series of leaks in camo versions, the Lamborghini Roadster has finally come to life in a series of more realistic shots. It has also become a real supercar, that will be unveiled this month at the Pebble Beach event, under the name Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce Roadster.

Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce Roadster 3

Lambo itself has confirmed this and the Superveloce Roadster keeps the tradition of its range, meaning that the Superveloce units are lighter and more powerful versions of original model. It appears the newcomer will have a limited production of 500 examples, which is 100 less than the coupe version, that debuted in the UK at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce Roadster 2

We don’t have an official list of features for the new Aventador, but they’re most likely the same with the coupe, including a V12 6.5 liter engine, generating 740 bhp at 8400 rpm. A 7 speed automated manual transmission should also be here and we’ll probably get a 0 to 100 km/h time of around 2.8 seconds. Roadster gets carbon fiber fabric for the seats and an exposed cabin, plus Alcantara and leather as interior materials.

Expect to pay at least half a million dollars for one of these babies.

Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce Roadster 1

Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce Roadster 5

Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce Roadster 4


Lamborghini Toro Exotic Supercar of 2050 Imagined by Andrew Michael Robertson

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Loading...We got to see a lot of Lamborghini concepts over the years, but few designers were bold enough to go Mad Max style on the famous supercar. Among them we find the Lamborghini Toro, an exotic supercar of 2050 rendered by Andrew Michael Robertson.

Lamborghini Toro 2050 concept car 1

This model feels like some sort of post apocalyptic vehicle, mixed with a rudimentary kart and a sketch of a LEGO Movie supercar. It comes with a multi segmented facade and perhaps an exaggerated front wing. The wheels don’t have much substance and the way they’re integrated into the design feels like they’re a bit fragile. There’s a bit of Batmobile in this model, the one from The Dark Knight Rises, with the oversized front.

The sides are very trimmed, compared to the wide back and front and this model seems pretty tall, in my vision. Lamborghini Toro 2050 is certainly an exotic supercar and it’s really a vehicle from 2050, it should have some sort of futuristic energy on board. Could it be hydrogen powered, solar powered or fueled by some other new chemical process? The back side feels a bit too complicated compared to the usual Lambo simplicity…

Lamborghini Toro 2050 concept car 2

Lamborghini Toro 2050 concept car 3

Lamborghini Toro 2050 concept car 4

Lamborghini Toro 2050 concept car 5

Lamborghini Toro 2050 concept car 6

[via Behance]

Lamborghini Edroid Concept is a Hybrid Vehicle With 4 Seats (Video)

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Loading...Hey guys and a happy 2015 to all of you! We start the year with a brand new Lamborghini concept, rendered by Marco Schembri. Here’s a 25 year old Sicilian designer, who graduated cum laude from the Industrial Design Faculty of Palermo and he rendered a beast called Lamborghini Edroid.

Lamborghini Edroid hybrid concept 1

The supercar is a hybrid 4 seat vehicle that belongs to the F segment in Lamborghini’s portofolio. The Edroid concept is a study on different materials of construction for the body, as well as aerodynamic analysis. Polyethylene and atactic polylatic acid were considered as materials for the production process. Photovoltaic cells in triple junction are also involved for the power supply of the car.

The inside of the car features OLED displays and the DNA of the bull is not diluted by the hybrid approach of the model. The back of the car is a bit more lifted than I would have expected and the tail it also a bit smaller. The entire approach feels a bit more cheeky than Italian cars and this model has a certain “muscle car” vibe to it, If I can say so. Its profile feels a bit like a luxury yacht, but the back is much more pragmatic than usual.

[via Behance]

Lamborghini Huracan Appears in First Video, Gets Priced

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Loading...Well, these days there’s a new Lamborghini in town and the new model is called Huracan. We even managed to find out a price for the newcomer and also seen a short video of it, drifing through the streets of Los Angeles.

Lamborghini Huracan render 1

Lamborghini Huaracan is supposed to debut in a few months and the leaked pricing for it is 150.000 British pounds. That’s excluding the taxes, which brings the final amount to about 180.000 pounds. There will be 8 standard colors available, from white and black to blue and yellow. This new crazy supercar of 2014 features a 5.2 liter V10 engine, that you can hear roaring in the video below.

Lamborghini Huracan render 9

This is quite a major upgrade from the Gallardo engine, so expect something big. It generates 602 horsepower at 8250 RPM and 560 NM of torque at 6500 RPM. Huracan is able to reach 100 Km/h in a mere 3.2 seconds and 200 Km/h in 9.9 seconds. There’s a new dual clutch transmission on board and a 7 speed gearbox, plus an AWD system.

The car has a top speed of 325 Km/h, just in case you’re wondering.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

[via worldcarfans]

Lamborghini Diamante is a 2023 Supercar is Electric Luxury

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Loading...Created by Thomas Granjard, the Lamborghini Diamante concept supercar is a vehicle meant for the year 2023. The Diamante idea comes from the facets of diamonds and the reflection effect they offer. That turns this vehicle into a mysterious and precious work of art.

Lamborghini Diamante concept 1

The exterior of the car is very sharp and feels to me like the combo between a wasp and a Citroen GT made beefier. The lower area at the front features a sharp carbon fiber spoiler and the end of the Diamante feels very aerodynamic here. The wing mirrors and cameras have been hidden in the front wheel arches here and the movable wings, too.

Lamborghini Diamante concept 2

Since this is 2023 and oil is scarce, this is a supercar powered by 4 electric motors, that are based on batteries charged by using two micro jet turbines. Inside we get a LCD display integrated into the upper part of the steering wheel and the interior is “human inspired”. Fuels of the Lamborghini Diamante include diesel, bio fuels, compressed natural gas and liquid petroleum gas.

The 4 electric motors produce 800 BHO and 1600 Nm torque, plus we’ve got Kers here and the energy returns to the batteries that way. This electric Lamborghini concept is able to produce a total of 965 BHP. Is it 2023 yet?


Lamborghini Egoista Celebrates 50 Years of Outrageous Designs

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Loading...This year Lamborghini reached the venerable age of 50 years and to celebrate it designer Walter De Silva created the Lamborghini Egoista concept car. The device may look like a Nintendo controller from the front, but inside it’s pure racing pr0n.

Lamborghini Egoista concept 1

The supercar has a V10 engine, a 5.2 liter monster that offers 600 horsepower. Lamborghini Egoista has unusual design traits, that were created by the Volkswagen Group team. This is a single seater vehicle, with a cockpit designed to fit the driver, or better said pilot like a glove. Inspiration for this model is said to have come from aviation, or better said an Apache helicopter.

Lamborghini Egoista concept 4

Apparently, the cockpit is a removable section, just like on an Apache helicopter, that can eject its cockpit. The Lambo concept has a cockpit made of carbon fiber and aluminum and it’s some sort of survival area, isolating the driver from the exterior. At the exterior we find a muscular structure, a bull driving towards the front wheels and flaps integrated into the body, that activate automatically at high speeds for better stability.

The supercar has LED clearance lights instead of headlights, showing the position of the vehicle in 3 dimensions, like an aircraft. Crazy, right?

[via autoblog]

Lamborghini LMP-F Belongs in the Formula 1 and Le Mans

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Loading...Can you imagine a Formula 1 Lamborghini car that can also compete at Le Mans? Well, such a design was created by Sabino Leerentveld and you can see the concept Lamborghini below. This car weighs 700 kg and packs an incredible 1,200 horsepower.

The vehicle borrows design traits from the top class racing segments. Lamborghini LMP-F has a front side and lateral air intakes that look a lot like those used in Formula 1, while the rear side of the supercar is classic Le Mans race car design. The specifications of this model are imagined ones: 22,000 rpm engine, 0-60 mph in 1.8 seconds and top speed of 263 mph.

Also, this Lambo prototype has a low downforce aerodynamic setup and the designer admits that his creations belong in the gaming world for now and not on the track. What do you say?

[via Designbuzz]

Lamborghini Indomable is a 2,000-hp Beast That Might Actually Be Produced

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Loading...Believe it or not, the Lamborghini Indomable concept pictured below might actually make it to production, despite sporting an incredible feat: 2,000 hp of raw power. This project was created by Daniel Chinchilla Ochoa and Alberto Fernandez Albilares, as part of a program sponsored by Lamboghini.

However, don’t expect Lambo to build this model, since a company called 215 Racing already set its eyes on the supercar and bought the rights to create it. A production version based on these images is expected and in the end the vehicle might not even be a Lambo at all, being called Mostro Di-Potenza SF22.

This newcomer will get a mid-mounted twin turbocharged 9.4 liter V8 engine, a 6 speed sequential gearbox and 2,000 pound feet of torque. 50 units of the SF22 will be created and the price will be a very reasonable $950,000 for such a monster…

[via Autoblog]