Ferrari Eternita 2025 Brings Back One of the Best Ferrari Designs Ever

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Loading...6 years ago we covered a concept called the Ferrari Eternity, the winner of the first prize of the Ferrari World Design Contest 2011. Now we found that design again, but instead of mockups made of plastic, we have detailed renders of a model now called Ferrari Eternita. So let’s see how the project has evolved! Continue reading “Ferrari Eternita 2025 Brings Back One of the Best Ferrari Designs Ever”

Ferrari Vision Hipermodulo is Inspired by Spaceships and Pininfarina Classics

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Loading...It’s hard to imagine a high tech sci fi Ferrari nowadays, especially since the traditional Ferrari design has evolved on its own, without borrowing from other areas, but let’s see what this concept brings. Rendered by Emmanuel Hernandez, the design goes back to Pininfarina roots and seems to adopt crazy Star Trek specs. Meet the Ferrari Vision Hipermodulo! Continue reading “Ferrari Vision Hipermodulo is Inspired by Spaceships and Pininfarina Classics”

Ferrari EGO Concept is a Compact Hypercar of the Year 2025

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Loading...Back in 2011, when the Ferrari EGO concept appeared, 2025 seemed like a very remote time, but now when we’re close to 2017 not so much. The creation of designers Salvatore Simonetti, Massimiliano Petrachi and Vincenzo Morlino, plus Luca Zunino, the EGO is a lightweight and compact hypercar.  Continue reading “Ferrari EGO Concept is a Compact Hypercar of the Year 2025”

Ferrari 488 GTB 2017 Scuderia Rendered, With 700 Horsepower Under the Hood

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Loading...Ferrari’s 2016 488 GTB is one of the most awaited supercars out there, but upped the ante and envisioned and even more advanced model. They called it the 488 GTB Scuderia and even went as far as to imagine an interior and drivetrain.

Ferrari 488 GTB 2017 Scuderia render

Obviously, this monster will keep much of the 488 GTB experience, but body panels will be new. The facade brings a more aggressive splitter made of carbon fiber. IT also has fin-shaped end plates on both sides and aerodynamic flaps between the vertical pillars. At the back of the Ferrari 488 GTB 2017 Scuderia there’s a diffuser with active aerodynamic elements and the designers even speculated about a retractable aero foil like the LaFerrari has.

Ferrari 488 GTB 2017 Scuderia render 2

The inside is rather sporty and devoid of unnecessary luxury items. It’s still comfy and the drivetrain is controlled via transmission buttons in the center console. Most features are accessed from the steering wheel buttons, in the best of Ferrari traditions. The twin turbo 3.9 liter V8 engine will remain unchanged, but it will be tweaked to generate 700 horsepower, up from 600 and also 600 pound feet of torque

Expect a 0 to 60 time of 2.8 seconds. Even a price was speculated here: $320k tops.

ferrari 488 gtb 2017 scuderia render 3


Ferrari F80 is Supposed to be a Sci-Fi Formula One Car for the Streets

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Loading...Designer Adriano Raeli has imagined a brand new Ferrari concept, the F80, that’s supposed to be both a street car and a Formula 1 ride. This render takes the ideas of the famous Ferrari LaFerrari launched in Geneva in 2014 and brings them to a whole new level.

Ferrari F80 concept Adriano Raeli 1

The F80 is inspired by the aviation project Next Generation Air Dominance. This street legal F1 beast resembles a stealth fighter and it gives unique buyer personality. It has a F1 seating position with 2 occupant offset in semi tandem. The air is channeled through the vehicle to the lower frontal area and we’ve also got a V8 biturbo engine inside, a 900 horse power beast.

Ferrari F80 concept Adriano Raeli 2

There’s also a KERS system in the mix, that adds an extra 300 horse power in the ring. Ferrari F80 is able to go from zero to 100 km/h in just 2 seconds and it can reach a top speed of 500 km/h. That’s very impressive, just like its weight, of around 800 kg. This concept has been associated with the year 2015, so maybe, just maybe we’ll get to see it at some auto show this year… Would you have placed a V12 inside this beast?


Ferrari Xezri Competizione Looks Ready to Win at Le Mans

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Loading...Here’s an atypical Ferrari concept, one that you would rather see Toyota or Audi designing. Samir Sadikhov created the Xezri series of renders as an entry in the 2011 Ferrari World Design Contest. He came in second and then he tweaked the design into the Xezri Competizione Edition.

Ferrari Xezri Competizione concept 1

We’re dealing with a mid engine super car with a lot of aerodynamic components added to the original concept. We get a larger front splitter, fender vents and a roof scoop. There’s also a bigger side skirt and a brand new spoiler at the back, as well as a large diffuser in the same area. By the way, the Ferrari Xezri was inspired by the Ferrari 458 Italia and as the designer calls it, he was “inspired by the wind”.

Ferrari Xezri Competizione concept 4

This is a name given to the wind pasing through the Eastern part of the Caspian Sea, so that’s the origin of the name. I have to admit that I’m happy to see the huge wings of the OG Xezri gone and replace with a more pragmatic design. I’m not sure about the extra added bodykit, particularly the lower side…

[via Samir Sadikhov]

Ferrari Verus Hybrid Supercar Created by Romanian Designer Andrus Ciprian

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Loading...A Ferrari concept that’s both a hybrid and that looks a bit like a Lambo? Sacrilege, one may say! But let’s see what the vision of Romanian designer Andrus Ciprian is on this model that he imagined. The Ferrari Verus concept car is a design study and it’s supposed to be a nemesis for the Lamborghini Veneno.

Ferarri Verus concept hybrid 1

The inspiration came from the Ferrari LaFerrari and the Ferrari P4/5. Inside the Verus we find a hybrid drivetrain, the same one from the LaFerrari and there’s a 6.3 liter V12 here as well as an electric motor. They will generate an impressive 949 horsepower and put this baby on the track ahead of the competition.

Ferarri Verus concept hybrid 5

The Ferrari Versus is a short car, in fact so short it could equal a family hatchback. This will allow the vehicle to have a reduced wheelbase and make it a killer in the corners. A last mention here is that this monster can produce 660 lb-ft of torque and that to me this supercar feels a tad more Lambo and a bit less Scuderia…

[via Tuvie]

Ferrari F750 is the Concept Car of 2025

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Loading...2025 is merely 12 years away and if you can resist the temptation of dreaming about flying cars, then you can imagine something like the Ferrari F750 concept shown below. This render was created as part of a Ferrari World Design Contest with a vision into the future as the theme.

Ferrari F750 concept 6

The designers here are Marc Devauze, Vianney Brecheisen and Alexandre Labruyere and they envision the Ferrari F750 supercar as the vehicle of 2025, on a planet filled with 11 billion people. This model weighs 750 kg and it has a rear petrol engine, plus two front electric engines. The front ones act like a turbo booster and the folks who will buy this car will be able to customize its interior at will.

Ferrari F750 concept 4

You can purchase a specially designed cocoon, that you can share with other drivers and change your experience. This also makes the Ferrari F750 a modular concept, which is very cool. This experience is called e-sharing and it’s truly mind blowing, since I’ve seen my share of car renders and I’ve never heard of such a thing.

The only thing I’m not sure of here is the lifting windshield/roof made of glass…

[via Tuvie]

Ferrari Zoubin New Render is a Single Seat Racing Supercar

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Loading...The creator of the Ferrari Zoubin supercar concept, Siamak Ruhi Dehkordi actually created an older vehicle that inspired this one. Originally, back in 2009, the Ferrari Zobin was a concept and now we get the Ferrari Zoubin.

Ferrari Zoubin concept 1

The two models are pretty similar, although the Zobin feels pretty evolved. We get a new front spoiler, that has been enlarged and it comes with an extra wing. As you can see the headlights have been well hidden and the nose of the supercar has extra air inlets. This is not your average road car, but rather a racing vehicle, as confirmed by its compact single seat format.

Ferrari Zoubin concept 3

The designer also mentions the power under the hood here: a V6 with 400 horsepower, mounted behind the cockpit. Yes, it’s a low power supercar, but it’s the design that’s cutting edge here. Notice the new canopy here on this Ferrari concept, with two separate sections and the back panel, that feels like a spaceship of sorts. Not sure about the glass opening for the pilot’s seat and how comfy that is to open…

[via diseno art]