Honda FCEV Previews the Fuel Cell Car of 2015

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Loading...After so many supercars with hybrid solutions, here we all with a fuel cell-based vehicle from Honda. The model is called Honda FCEV and it’s merely a concept for now, but it’s also the starting point of a real vehicle of 2015.

Honda FCEV Concept

This eco friendly car is based on efficient power usage, great passenger space and appealing design. The vehicle gets over 100KW from its fuel cell stack and all that power is inserted within an aerodynamic chassis. With this fuel cell you can get about 300 miles of range, which is not bad at all. Showcased at the LA Auto Show 2013, Honda FCEV is supposed to be launched in USA and Japan in 2 years and then Europe.

You get seating for 5 passengers here and a power density of 3kW/L, an increase of 60% from previous solutions. The stack size has also been reduced 33% compared to the Honda FCX Clarity model. Honda’s fuel cell technology allows the power source to operate in both hot and sub freezing weather without problems and meeting emission regulations.

Not sure how many people will dig the boat style end of the car though…

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Peugeot XB1, Electric Vehicle of 2025

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Loading...The Peugeot XB1 is a concept vehicle of the future, meant to reach the market in 2025 or perhaps even later. It’s the creation of Thierry Fischer, Kevin Biolluz, Karim Bennani, Frederic La Sciellour and it looks more like one-person automobile, than a car for your family.

This is a human size concept car with an exoskeleton and some traits that look more like a motorcycle than a car. Peugeot XB1 is a fully electric vehicle, meant for premium services and it comes with GPS, smartphone apps and a top speed of 35 kmh. Although the speed is not impressive, you might consider this an alternative to walking on foot or Segways…

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SAIC-GM YeZ, Eco-Friendly Concept Car of the Year 2030

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Loading...The YeZ concept car is an all electric, eco-friendly vehicle that was designed by the joint venture of SAIC and GM. The design of the car is environment-oriented and gets its power from natural resources.


The concept vehicle features solar panels, which are located on the rooftop and small wind turbines, placed on its wheels. Besides the solar panels, the roof of the YeZ will benefit from an innovative system that will capture carbon dioxide from the surrounding air and then release oxygen in the atmosphere.

The electric energy generated by the solar panels and the wind turbines it’s going to be stored in onboard batteries that will power the vehicle. No technical specifications are available, since the YeZ concept is only a dream of eco-friendly cars that will be used in 2030.






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Audi A0 QS, Eco-Friendly Futuristic Sports Car

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Loading...Created by Russian designer Alexander Tiganova, the Audi A0 QS concept is an eco-friendly sports car, equipped with a hybrid drivetrain, consisting of an electric motor and a hydrogen engine.


Besides the dynamic look and the sport oriented style, this concept vehicle benefits from a special rotation system of the wheels, inspired by the trike, that allows the wheels to turn just by bending, without rotating along the vertical axis.

The “Q” in the concept car’s name stands for four-wheel drive and the “S” for support, according to the designer. This Audi concept car’s doors are made from a rubber fabric, that can turn transparent, depending on the driver’s needs. With a length of just 3.4 meters, this futuristic vehicle would have a great advantage when driving on busy urban roads, or when parking.






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Bentley Aero Ace Speed VI, Eco-Friendly Supercar

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Loading...The Bentley Aero Ace is a concept supercar created by auto designer, Gabriel Tam, and it is inspired from the original Speed 6, which won at Le Mans, back in the 1920s. The design of this car is focused on improving the aerodynamic properties, for better efficiency and speed.


This Bentley concept is going to be powered by an electric motor, so it will also be eco-friendly. The cooling system for the engine features air intakes that extend to the twin rear heat exhausts, while integrated diffusers help the air flow and create down-force.

The wheels of the vehicle design are semi enclosed to further improve the aerodynamics, while the 1+1 seating layout offers focused driving experience and optimal weight distribution. Overall, the Aero Ace supercar underlines the raw aggression of a race car, while keeping the elegance of a Bentley and it’s environmentally friendly.






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Super Hatchback Concept, Combo Between a Hatchback and a Supercar, Eco-Friendly Too

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Loading...The SHC is a concept car imagined by British designer Jamie Martin, who also created the AC Cobra Venom V8 concept and the London Navigator bus. The Super Hatchback Concept is a combination between a hatchback and a supercar, with a touch of eco-friendly technology.


The chassis is made of high tensile steel and aluminium, for reduced weight and better weight distribution. The concept car has aluminium suspension components for improved handling and uses a front-wheel drive system with mechanical limited slip differential and next generation Ford RevoKnuckle axle system.

The SHC features two powertrain alternatives. The first one is the AirHybrid and Gasoline Compression Ignition (GCI). It uses a twin-turbocharged engine with direct injection, 6-speed short-shift manual gearbox (optional 7-speed Ford PowerShift transmission with paddle-shift).


The second option is the Delta Drive Hybrid (DDH) system. It has a smaller petrol engine and two electric motors (located inside the front wheels), and allows the car to run 70 miles, with zero CO2 emissions, via charged batteries (Nano-Titanate batteries placed in the front engine bay and under the floor), before the petrol engine is needed to recharge.

The DDH system has three performance modes: Economy (low bhp), Normal (medium bhp) and Performance (high bhp) – which uses both the petrol engine and electric generator. With a slim chance of going into production in 2014, this concept vehicle is likely to compete against the Honda Civic Type-R, the Ford Focus RS and others alike.





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BMW Hydrogen Salt Flat Racer is Based on Recycling and Reuse of Materials

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Loading...The BMW hydrogen-powered salt flat racer pictured below was part of the 2008 LA Auto Show Design Challenge. This vehicle is based on the principle of reusing materials, like old oil barrels or barbeque lids. BMW have tried to make this concept car environmentally-friendly and they seem to have succeeded.


This car is sustainable and it uses an unique idea to verify the emissions, either goldfish or canaries, that will get sick unless you’re running clean without polluting Mother Nature.

The wheels you can see in the images are made out of gel-nylon and they can flex as needed. Tires are airless and be re-vulcanized or re-treaded at any time.





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Hybrid H Car Concept Uses Hydrogen and Electricity Plus… Windmills?!

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Loading...If Batman were to change his ride, the vehicle below would stand a pretty decent chance at replacing the Batmobile. It’s got the looks, the aggressiveness and it’s even modern enough not to pollute the crime-ridden cities. The “H Car” concept was created by Thomas Pastor and can be admired below.


This futuristic car has all the design elements of a sports car, but it’s also quite luxurious. It gets its energy from electric batteries, hydrogen cells and an interesting mechanism: the rotating blades incorporated into the wheels. They act like windmills and generate the extra power needed to make the “H Car” a truly eco ride.

What do you say? Paint it black and call Batman?






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Versa-Quatic Concept Car is Environmentally Friendly and Blue-ish

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Loading...Christopher Lavelanet is the designer of a hot-looking two-seater, powered by an electric engine and a battery pack. The Versa-Quatic concept car is eco-friendly and allows its drivers to sit in a motorcycle-style position, for an experience you usually get on two wheels. As such, you’ll use your upper and lower body to turn the vehicle, speed it up and even stop this crazy ride.

Just don’t lean your bodies in opposite directions, in case there are two drivers running the automobile…



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