Citroen Cactus is a Vision of the Future C-Line Vehicles

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Loading...Showcased at this autumn’s auto shows, Citroen’s latest concept, the Cactus model is detailed below and it seems to be opening up an entirely new segment for the French auto maker. This is the first member of the future C-Line, that will turn into a production C4 model as far as we’ve heard.


An interesting aspect here are the protective Airbumps and also the elegant designer furniture and  beautifully crafted insides. The Citroen Cactus features a hybrid air drivetrain with 94+ mpg fuel economy and while this model may feel massive, it’s also lightweight and aerodynamic. It has a high tech look and it’s non aggressive, in a family kind of way.

The Airbumps are customizable design components that are covered with a soft skin involving air capsules, that protect the body of the car. Inside there’s a completely digital interface, sofa-like front seats and more comfy accessories. As far as the design goes, we’ve got pure and smooth surfaces, flowing contours, a floating roof and rear quarter panels and an airy cabin with large panoramic sunroof.

There are even some dimensions associated to this Citroen concept: 4.21 m in length and 1.75 m in width, plus a high ground clearance of 21 cm. Is Citroen even ready for this segment?

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Citroen Metronest, Electric Car Inspired by Bird’s Nest Design

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Loading...Citroen Metronest is a graduation project of Sangmin Lee, a student of the Korean Hong-ik University. His idea is influenced by the looks of a bird’s nest and the result is a Citroen concept that runs on electric power.

The bird’s nest is based on safety and resilience, as it uses natural materials such as twigs, grass and leaves. Don’t expect these to be included in the car, but the concept remains the same. This concept focuses on protection ventilation and heat regulation, in other words the comfort of the rider and passengers.

The body structure of the Citroen Metronest involves multiple layers of elastic elements and an irregular branching system. The electric motor and radiator grille are placed in the left section, while the one on the right will include the batteries. Citroen was chosen as the brand, since it’s considered the most advanced in design by Sangmin Lee.

How do you like this asymmetrical concept?

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Citroen Egoiste Electric Car Uses All Glass Surface

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Loading...How about a Citrocen concept car made of glass? I’m talking about the design of Ian Kettle here, who imagined the Citroen Egoiste as a vehicle that features a flat and low front and not very much space for the engine.

Egoiste comes with a glass top, glass sides, for a better view of the surroundings. The battery packs powering the supercar rest on in the under-floor space and moving on to the design, this Citroen uses a rear hinged canopy reminding me of a jet fighter. Inspiration for this vehicle can be found in fashion houses in Paris, as passengers can walk the length of the car on a flat floor, in the area above the battery packs, just like they would stride on a catwalk.

The wheels adopt a floral pattern, also being screens for the hub motors. Citroen Egoiste does not feature the classic grill or radiator since it’s an electric car, so it’s cooling is taken care of by glass blades, that direct the air where it’s needed. In case you find this impressive, know that the project was presented at Citroen Design Studio in Paris, last year.

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Citroen Survolt Electric Sportscar, Unveiled at Geneva Motor Show 2010

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Loading...The Citroen Survolt concept is an all-electric, two-seater sports car that was unveiled at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show these days. Even though it’s not a beautiful car, it has a bold, aggressive design, which suits it very well.


This Citroen supercar measures 3.85 meters in length, 1.87 meters in width and 1.20 meters in height, resulting a sports car of compact dimensions. In the front side we see the Survolt has slim, horizontal headlights with LED-technology, and also we find the distinctive vehicle badge, placed above the oval-shaped grille, that incorporates the Citroen logo.

The rear side features elegant tail lights similar to the ones of the Revolte model, and a spoiler that emphasizes the sporty aspirations of this car. The exterior design gives the impression of agility and dynamism, but at the same time it looks stylish and luxurious.






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Citroen GT Concept Supercar is Visually Astonishing

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Loading...The Paris Motor Show 2008 has just started a couple of days ago and we’re already drooling at the many concept cars showed in the capital of France. Among them, the most impressive is surely Citroen GT, the star of the videogame Gran Turismo 5, for the PlayStation 3.

Seems that this playable virtual automobile was turned into a real one, with a huge rear-end, so it stays on your retina long enough to make it your “mental wallpaper”.


Following Mazda’s Nagare design movement, this supercar weighs 3000 pounds and it’s a two seater that can get from 0 to 62 mph in 3.6 seconds. Underneath the hood you’ll find a 646 horse power engine plus another 136 more hp provided by the power of hydrogen.

Inside the Citroen GT, the driver finds a head-up display that shows driving info (speed, navigation data) by using red LEDs and projecting data on the windscreen.





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Citroen Concept Designed For Gran Turismo and Ready for the 2008 Paris Motor Show

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Loading...I’m quite a big fan of the Gran Turismo series, so an extra in-game car can only make one happy these day. Specially if it’s a neat Citroen concept, that will see the light of day at the 2008 Paris Motor Show coming. Turns out that Citroen and Polyphony Digital have worked together on an exclusive automobile for Gran Turismo Prologue.

What you can see below are just teasers, but hopefully, we’ll get better pics of the concept Citroen soon.



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