BMW Showcases Shape-Shifting Cars at Geneva Motor Show 2016, With Computers That Predict Actions

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Loading...Earlier this month, at the Geneva Motor Show 2016, BMW unveiled a shape shifting concept car, that sports computers able to predict your moves. The vehicle came with the “Vision Next 100” approach, on the occasion of BMW’s 100th birthday.

BMW shape shifting car geneva motor show 2016 (1)

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BMW 4219Eli is a Crazy Monstrous Supercar Imagined by a 4 Year Old Boy

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Loading...We’ve seen some crazy BMW concepts over the years, but this one tops all. Dubbed BMW 4219Eli, the hypercar you can see here was envisioned by a 4 year old boy called Eli and turned into a concept by designers, with the contribution of BMW.

BMW 4219Eli concept 1

This feels a bit like a huge Batmobile, plus a LEGO toy car going supersize. Interestingly, the vehicle comes with a special storage area for toys and that place has its own ventilation system. BMW 4219Eli was rendered in Photoshop and CAD and relies on 42 functional wheels, plus 19 Porsche engines and it offers 3 driver seats, since it needs a lot of pilots.

BMW 4219Eli concept 2

Massive air intakes, a rear engine bay and a motorsport spoiler are all included. I can’t quite see where those 42 wheels went, while the facade reminds me of one of those badass Le Mans cars to be honest. How crazy is this BMW concept?


BMW iM is a Beautiful 2015 Hybrid Concept, That Outclasses the i8

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Loading...If you’re looking for a more aggressive hybrid than the BMW i8, but a car that still has the BMW badge on, well we’ve found a new concept. Made by Idries Noah, the BMW iM is even more aggressive and sculpted than the i8.

BMW iM concept 2015 1

This 2015 BMW Concept is a hybrid sports car, with side intakes used to cool down the high output V6 engine. The back of the car is a bit overkill, with that big exhaust, but the gently curved roof and the sudden end of the car shows us that this model goes for aerodynamics. It’s clearly not just an electric affair, but also brings some petrol in the mix.

The lifted front and slightly lifted back leave enough room for some kickass aerodynamics. The front wheels are clearly more arched than the ones of the BMW i8, and the cockpit is less elongated and more rounded, a la Audi TT for example.

BMW iM concept 2015 4

BMW iM concept 2015 3

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BMW 3.0 CLS Hommage is the Latest Tribute to BMW’s Classics, This Time for a 1970s Model

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Loading...It appears that almost every year BMW decides to honor one of its legendary designs to launching an even more legendary concept supercar. This year they’re paying tribute to a classic of the 1970s and have created the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage concept.

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage concept  (1)

This model surely stands out of the crowd, through a big back spoiler and a “molded body kit” styling, plus that canary yellow color choice. This car won’t make it to production, we’re told even as a limited run. The cockpit is quite futuristic here and we get a minimalistic steering wheel and elegant stitching of the bucket seats. CSL means “Coupe Sport Leichtbau”, which means coupe, sport, lightweight.

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage concept  (2)

Seeing how the old BMW 3.0 CSL has an aluminum bonnet, boot and wings, plus plexiglass windows, it’s certainly on the light side. Now the new model uses a carbon fiber approach, for an even lighter package. BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage brings one of the broadest and lowest front ends of any BMW Group vehicle, so that’s got to count for something, right?

An 6 cylinder in line engine with eBoost powers this tribute, while a four eyed face gives it a more modern look. Laser lights and LEDs are both here and BMW added aluminum sleeves, with quality accents at the junctions between structural elements.

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage concept  (3)

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage concept  (4)

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage concept  (5)

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage concept  (6)

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage concept  (7)

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage concept  (8)

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BMW i9 Gets Rendered, Steps on the Futuristic Pedal

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Loading...Craving for a futuristic supercar? Here comes a BMW fan, who envisioned the BMW i9, a concept that follows up the already futuristic i8. This supercar gets some realistic looking 3D renders, some of them feeling like they were taken straight on the road.

BMW i9 concept supercar 1

In the meantime, the real BMW i9 is said to have been approved for launch in 2016. The vehicle is said to use the same carbon fiber tub as the i8. However, its design will be converted to something more aggressive and there will be a larger engine inside. The electric motor is also supposed to be more powerful. BMW i9 comes with a modular 3.0 liter 6 cylinder engine, that will also be used on the BMW 7 Series from 2016.

The i9 is very likely to be a two door supercar more like the i8. To me, these renders feel like a combination between a Bugatti and a Batmobile, but I’m not very sure about the pointy front side of the car. Somehow it feels borrowed from a kart racer or Formula 1 ride. Rumors say that BMW wants to offer 500 horsepower on this vehicle and a 3.5 second zero to 60 mph time.

BMW i9 concept supercar 2

BMW i9 concept supercar 3

BMW i9 concept supercar 4

BMW i9 concept supercar 5

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BMW CS Vintage Render Takes us Back Decades Ago

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Loading...Created by David Obendorfer, the BMW CS concept car is a vintage automobile that takes us back decades ago. The classic look is combined with a modern styling and luxury is also here.

BMW CS Vintage concept 1

The BMW CS Vintage concept features an updated design based on the BMW 2000CS and the E9 chassis, but placed on a modern platform. There’s a set of 4 LED headlights upfront, a jutting hood and a Hoffmeister Kink at the rear pillar. The interior, briefly shown in the pics is rather minimalistic and relies on wood a lot for the dashboard.

BMW CS Vintage concept 2

The round headlight design has been applied before by BMW with great success. The 1965 BMW 2000 CS (E120 series) was the starting point for this BMW concept and it’s also based on the 6 Series platform. There’s a classy vibe here, but at the same time this feels like a car ready to enter production at any time.

The BMW CS Vintage looks like the perfect getaway car in an Italian mobster chase, if I can say so…

BMW CS Vintage concept 3

BMW CS Vintage concept 4

BMW CS Vintage concept 5BMW CS Vintage concept 6

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BMW i8 Hybrid Features 220 Horsepower Engine

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Loading...BMW i8 is one of the latest concepts of the German car maker, that brings forth a 220 horsepower 3 cylinder engine and an electric drive system, borrowed from the BMW i3 and tweaked a bit. This vehicle reaches 100 km/h in under 5 seconds, impressive for the segment it belongs to.

This car will use 3 litres of fuel to run 100 kilometers and another important power source is the big Li-Ion battery. You can charge that from your house supply and give it 35 kilometers of autonomy on electric power alone. Inside, we discover a 2+2 interior, comfortable enough for a family of 4. The BMW i8 uses the LifeDrive architecture, giving it a more sporty twist.

Thus, we find the electric motor in the front axle module, while the combustion engine stays at the rear. These sections are connected through BMW’s trademark energy tunnel, that other car makers would call transmission tunnel. The i8 has a low center of gravity and distribution of 50/50, which is perfect for this hybrid-supercar concept.

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BMW 328 Hommage Concept Celebrates the Famous 328 Automobile

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Loading...BMW celebrates the 328 car model by launching the 328 Hommage concept, pictured below. This is a design that’s based on a carbon fiber body and an asymmetrical windscreen, to name just a few of its features. The newcomer is a 2 seater roadster with a front mounted engine.

This is a lightweight vehicle, one that combines the look of the 1930s car with the newest technologies, like the 2 iPhones included in the dashboard through a special aluminum housing. Also the carbon fiber reinforced plastic is part of the new technologies and looking back to the original model, we remember that the original 328 was one of the first with kidney grilles on the front and wide tail lamps at the back.

The lack of doors and angry facade with the aggressive styling makes this both and old bird and a cool one. Supposedly BMW included a 3 liter six cylinder engine on this model, although I can’t confirm that.

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BMW Lovos Concept is Sharp, Looks Like it Could Sting

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Loading...Anne Forschner struck gold in all of us S.C.A.R.S videogame fans… If you remember the gaming title, it had cars like the one you can see below all over it and they were pitted against each other through races and more. Back to the design, The 24 year old Pforzheim University graduate created this beautiful BMW Lovos concept, a very unusual piece of machinery.


The supercar looks just like a porcupine and its name stands for “Lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity”. BMW Lovos is made out of a single fully exchangeable part that recurs 260 times and each of its exterior pieces features a solar photovoltaic cells, probably used to charge the futuristic vehicle.

These exterior pieces are connected via hinges to a substructure of the BMW concept car and they can follow the sun or be used as airbrakes. An electric BMW of the future with a very, very sharp design? Yes, sir!






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BMW Hydrogen Salt Flat Racer is Based on Recycling and Reuse of Materials

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Loading...The BMW hydrogen-powered salt flat racer pictured below was part of the 2008 LA Auto Show Design Challenge. This vehicle is based on the principle of reusing materials, like old oil barrels or barbeque lids. BMW have tried to make this concept car environmentally-friendly and they seem to have succeeded.


This car is sustainable and it uses an unique idea to verify the emissions, either goldfish or canaries, that will get sick unless you’re running clean without polluting Mother Nature.

The wheels you can see in the images are made out of gel-nylon and they can flex as needed. Tires are airless and be re-vulcanized or re-treaded at any time.





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