Bentley Aero Ace Speed VI, Eco-Friendly Supercar

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Loading...The Bentley Aero Ace is a concept supercar created by auto designer, Gabriel Tam, and it is inspired from the original Speed 6, which won at Le Mans, back in the 1920s. The design of this car is focused on improving the aerodynamic properties, for better efficiency and speed.


This Bentley concept is going to be powered by an electric motor, so it will also be eco-friendly. The cooling system for the engine features air intakes that extend to the twin rear heat exhausts, while integrated diffusers help the air flow and create down-force.

The wheels of the vehicle design are semi enclosed to further improve the aerodynamics, while the 1+1 seating layout offers focused driving experience and optimal weight distribution. Overall, the Aero Ace supercar underlines the raw aggression of a race car, while keeping the elegance of a Bentley and it’s environmentally friendly.






[via Tuvie]