Audi A9 is a Luxury Sports Saloon, Inspired by Spanish Artistry

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Loading...The Audi A8 is one of the most appreciated rides that Audi has come up over the past decade, of course together with the R8. It doesn’t surprise me to see a theoretical follow up of the A8, a so called Audi A9 concept, that dates from a few years ago.

Audi A9 concept 1

Created by Daniel Garcia, this model has a very interesting inspiration: the architecture of Valencian buildings created by Santiago Calatrava. The result is a clean and flowing vehicle, with elegant lines, a truly stylish saloon. The Audi A9 concept features a single piece windscreen and roof, made of a futuristic material, based on nano technology, that repairs itself.

Audi A9 concept 2

It can also be adjusted for opacity/transparency and color, with the touch of a button. This A9 render also involves a hybrid drivetrain, with an internal combustion engine and four in wheel electric motors. This concept supercar comes from 2010, but it would look nice even now. An interesting thing here is the electroluminescent lighting on the spoked wheels.

Audi A9 concept 3

Audi A9 concept 4

Audi A9 concept 5

Audi A9 concept 6

Audi A9 concept 7

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