Aston Martin DBC Channels a Jaguar and Ferrari

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Loading...Created by Samir Sadikhov, the Aston Martin DBC concept below channels a bit of Jaguar CX-75, but in a good way. The headlights don’t have enough punch to scare anyone, if you ask me, but let’s find out more details after the break.

Aston Martin DBC concept 2

The silhouette may make one think of McLaren, while the width is all Ferrari to me and the Aston Martin DBC sounds like a very solid AMG rival. One can only wonder why the One-77 doesn’t look anything like this and Aston Martin should check this out and hire Samir. We’re dealing with a mid engined layout here, that’s certainly a change from the current approach.

Aston Martin DBC concept 3

The designer wanted to create a car that would be easy to carry into a production model. I can imagine this as a V12 monster, maybe with the Vantage S engine on board, but in the middle area. What’s important to notice here is that we get very discrete wings and probably a rounded back that’s a bit too rounded for my taste. Also this Aston Martin render is sort of a “big butt” car compared to other modern supercars….

[via Samir Sadikhov]

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